Unemployement-The Sanity Chronicles

It's very exciting to read a blog that is so current and inspiring in these trying times in the United States today. It's almost unprecedented that in a County like ours, the unemployment rate can be so high and so much talent is just left on the side lines. In the Sanity Chronicles, you can take the journey and read some very inspiring and thought provoking entries from someone who is in the same boat as 13.2 million other Americans. The blog itself is well written and makes me wonder if the author isn't already doing so, why not look into freelance writing. Go get a copy of The Writer's Market, or these days, point your browser to their website, and start submitting some work. One blog critique observation I can make and could help in generating some income is to set up some google AdSense on your blog. Some say it takes away from the blog experience for your readers, I disagree. You'd be surprised how it could add up.

I will have to say that my favorite post is a recent one, What's YOUR worm smokin?, that speaks about passion. This is so important and people who are unemployed are in a unique situation in that they can think about that a little deeper. If you had your choice, to open a business or work for a company or start a new career, what would it be? What would you LOVE to do everyday? You are in a position now to act on this thought. Finding your passion. It's the most important thing in life.

So to sum it all up...I highly recommend the blog and thoroughly enjoyed perusing it's entries. Job well done and keep the blog rolling!


Under Pressure At Pembroke

I have to say that I love this blog for it's visual feast of mouth watering food presented artfully for all to see and read about. The about section of this blog reads as follows and I quote, "My kitchen and I are cooking our way through the Under Pressure cookbook by Thomas Keller ", but what I can't figure out is if these folks are culinary students at this prestigious Pembroke college that makes America look like a baby, after all, this College at Cambridge was founded in 1347, or is it written from the perspective of the actual culinary geniuses of the kitchen who are employed by the college? Either way I think it is a terrifically fun blog. My brother in law is an executive chef, and I love anything that has to do with food. This blot is presenting in an organized manner and is visually and textually interesting. Nice job. I wish I had smell-a-vision on this lap top computer of mine. Keep the blog rolling!


Going To My Head

There are a ton a blogs and websites out there that claim to critique a blog for mass amounts of money or to review your blog for cash, when I started my blog many years ago it was to help bloggers grow their readership and to offer advice where needed. I feel blogs are meant for expression, it's a piece of one's own self, and often times a window to one's soul. It's a journal, it's a story, it's joy and pain. It's a way to show off your stuff, and it's a way to get it all off your chest. It's a way to explain and it's a way continue on. Blogging is all that and more for some, and Going To My Head is all that wrapped up into one. This "nothing is going to hold me down" blog has a fire and attitude that comes across and jumps off the page, a peak into the life of one who is faced with a challenge and is facing that challenge head on. Inspiring and insightful, story starts at her first post. Nicely done...keep the blog rolling....and God Bless!


Sweetheart Confections

Back to blogger basics 101. This sweetheart of a blog goes back to the days when blogs were actual "web logs" or Journals. Chronicling her journey using one passion to tweak and share another passion is right on target. Junior cake boss Nicole shares her baking conquests through words and photos for all to see and I wish her much success with both passions! One word of advice on the blogging front would be to keep posting on a regular basis. This will help to grow readership through google searches and the bigger the blog the more confectionery cronies you will build.

Blabber Girl


At first glance, Blabber Girl is busy and disorienting, like being lost in a crowd on the streets of New York at Christmas time around the tree at Rockefeller Center, but as you explore and navigate your ways down the side streets and nooks and crannies of the blog, you see some real substance and the idea and perception shine through. Some issues with linking within the blog itself, but this is more of the nuts and bolts, something for the techies to fix. As for creativity and the nitty gritty of the the writing itself, I found it to be entertaining. It's a cool blog with a reality show feel. Definitely worth a a visit and for it's target audience, I can see it becoming a daily read and growing into a successful blog.