Scholars & Rogues

Finally...a thinking man's blog if I ever saw one! There is a vast ocean of journal blogs and topic blogs and blogs of every size...shape...and form, as for S&'s perspective. Brilliantly written and interesting to it's core, S&R will keep you entertained with analysis of today's news and events with a twist or turn here or there. Very well organized and nicely done, a welcome first read back from my vacation!!! Loved will too.


What's New At Critique My Blog

I will be leaving today for a week vacation and will return on Saturday...When I return I will be revisiting some things I was contemplating for Critique My Blog along with a more regular posting regiment where I will try to post between 3 to 5 reviews a day. I have been neglecting the blog as of late with job requirements and now the starting a new job. I look forward to getting back to the regular posting. As for now...sun tan lotion in hand and a cold drink in other...Vacation here I come!


Families are like fudge

Life is like a box of chocolates and according to Audi...Families are like fudge! I just finished reading through this blog that just celebrated it's 2 year anniversary back in June and it is funny to see a blog with some posts under it's belt and how it transformed from the beginning to where it is today. IN the beginning there were posts about working out kinks and trying to fix something in Blogger, and the lists of 100 things about yourself...and a tone of self doubt. Today we see a blog that has survived two years and is moving along nicely with very interesting posts and content that is worthy of it's readers. I love the template you are using as it is easy on the eyes and I love the way you don't use too many things in the sidebar. It keeps the readers focused on you and your blog and that is just what you want. Keep up the good work and keep the blog rolling!

Days like these!

Tanyetta from sunny California...or...CalEEEfornia, as there good Governor would say...has submitted a blog that was an absolute pleasure to read through. I think family is incredibly important and the sense of family that jumps out of this blog is wonderful. Follow the life and times of this great family by visiting Tanyetta's blog like almost thirty thousand others have already done! Tanyetta is also offering a give-a-way to celebrate her 500th post. Needless to say we have a busy blogger here. Great job overall and keep up the good work. Loved it!

Host208 - Webhosting Services

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Bending Peak

I had to dust this blogger off as I pulled it from the vast and cavernous inbox having been submitted in April Bending Peak had been way patient! A refreshing blog to say the least, Bending Peak is what I call a "true blog" or a journal blog, a blog that presents a real and true insight into the bloggers world. I love the recent post called How Novel, where she gives her thoughts on blogging and I have to say, "How true"! The love the content as it is compelling and keeps your interest which is what any kind of writing would do, and Bending Peak does this just perfectly. Great job with the blog and keep up the good work!


Danielle's Blog

IN Danielle's email to me she stated that she didn't find her blog very interesting...That will be that last of that kind of talk because take it from a guy who has critiqued and read through over seven hundred and eighty (1 – 50 of 787 Older › Oldest » Your Posts: All, Drafts, Published )
blogs I have to say that your blog IS interesting! Your style is very down to earth and easy to read which appeals to people. When someone visits a blog they are not looking for dissertations, they are looking for entertainment or information on their level where they don't have to think a whole lot. You blog delivers. Only thing I would change, if I could be critical for a minute, is the format or the template. The bubbles are not good. Unless you love bubbles. Then keep them. I don't, but that's me. Ok. Enough about bubbles. It's making me think of Don Hoe...and his tiny bubbles, not to be confused with in Michael Buble...who has nothing to do with bubbles but with songs. I have to agree with you Danielle...he is a great singer and that song is also up there. Nice job with the blog....add a sitemeter to track how popular your blog is and keep the blog rolling!

Can You Hear Me now?!?

A Physics graduate student who is also a fantastic writer. That is who edits this blog that contains some fantastic descriptions of the areas he is recently visiting. I love a blog where the writing is descriptive and rich and really can keep your interest and that is just what this blog is good at doing. You will enjoy your visit here and maybe feel some envy to travel the wonderful spots he is visiting. The blog over all is great and my only criticism is that there are pop ups, which don't really interfere with the blog experience, but can get annoying to some readers. Nice job and keep the blog rolling!!!

Ask The Admin.

Everyone thinks they know computers...we use them everyday...Right? Well if you ever wondered or had a question about anything to do with computers or technology in general then this is the blog for you. The topics are growing fast in this blog and if you can't find it on the blog then simply ask Karl...he will be happy to help. No doubt a wonderful blog that is chock full of information and at this point I can only see it growing in popularity. Great job and keep up the good work!


Southern Fried Fatty!

Have you joined the revolution? The wight loss revolution...? Our girl over at this fantastic blog is challenging herself and others to lose some weight and I think it is a great thing. Her blog is one you can visit on a daily basis because it is so full of interesting content and stories that you will not be bored doing so. As for the weight lose challenge she has a program where you can buy a "before" tee shirts and you have to take a pic and send it in with you wearing it....then when you lose weight you have to take another pic with the shirt on and she will mail you a new shirt for free in your new size!!! I love it...Love the the blog...DO yourself a favor and stop by for a visit...I think you will be glad you did!!

My Two Cents....

It's been a while since I had a chance to write...Hope everyone had a fantastic and relaxing 4th of July...My family and I went to see the fireworks on the 3rd and we went to see Evan Almighty on the 4th which was followed by a Bar-B-Que. I highly recommend the movie....funny as anything. I also spent alot of the day thinking about the troops and keeping all the Vets in mind with a big thank you for the chance to celebrate that day every year.

I'll be starting a new job in two weeks and it is part of the reason I've been away...hopefully things will settle down by August and I can start to send some more time here.