Looks like the blogging empire of Skittles INC has added one more to the list. This relation of Barb has a newer blog that is entertaining to read and easy flowing. I especially liked the post about the poor mouse that was "on his way out". That is the business I'm in. Pest Control. So I am guilty of the assassinations of mice. Overall the blog is on the right path. Keep up the good work!

Back in the Saddle

Critique My Blog will start reviewing blogs again at a slower pace than before. Some changes will be that the blogs will be reviewed as time permits on my end and I will not always be able to email you back that your blog has been critiqued so you will need to check back from time to time, I also can't guarantee that your blog will appear on the side bar. This feature will be adjusted as time permits or if I come across a good program that allows an automatic way of doing it. I look forward to reviewing your blogs.

Mike's Place

Looks like we have a blogging enterprise here with Mike and Barb. Two very interesting and busy blogs to say the least. Mike's blog is a newer blog with already over 700 visits which says something about his blog. Being married to Barb will keep Mike busy keeping up with Barb's posting machine! It is interesting though to see the differences in the two blogs. I can see Mike's blog becoming a very popular blog within several circles. It looks like train lovers will be one of those groups! Great job and keep on blogging.


Shining Happy People

Things were looking alittle dusty at CMB lately so I thought I'd dust it off with this request from smiling sunflower. It's refreshing to see how blogs are moving away from the plain journal to communities. These blogs, like sunflower's, are very unique unto themselves, but it's nice to see references to other peoples blogs and other bloggers. It almost reminds me of the early days of the chat room. You'd be in a chat room and forget to eat, they were addictive, but people made real friends in there and some of those friendships blossomed into real life relationships. Blogging is like that in a way because they can be addictive, but with the ability to comment in a post you can communicate with others and add them to your sidebar and the sense of community is there. Sunflower's blog is alot like's very interactive and interesting. Keep up the good work. I like your spirit. Nice job.