Peace on Earth

There is an estimated 70 million blogs in publication across the world. Doesn't sound like a whole lot considering the US recently hit it's 300 millionth citizen! Still, 70 million is not too shabby. Now think about the prospect of uniting these bloggers on one single day to spread a message. A message of peace. This is the brain child of Mimi at Mimi Writes. She and Frank from graffiti My Blog has joined together to get the ball rolling on this interesting and worth while experiment. I've posted this on the sticky post for a few days to hopefully help to get the word out. Mimi's explanation and directions can be seen by clicking the link above. Even if one percent of the bloggers joined in...that would be 700,000 bloggers. This is a community that's very unique and it's new and exciting. It's already been dubbed, "The Blogosphere" , and it is been joked about as being addictive. It's a thing that has evolved into a network that is 70 million strong and growing leaps and bounds. It can be used for good and bad. I think we should channel it for good. Check out Mimi's post and join in.

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