Praise the Lord!

When you visit Beckie's blog you get a real sense of least I did. I don't want to sound crazy but Christian's have a way to bring calm with their faith and it is clear here at Bekie's blog. Her first post that I stumbled upon was the Meme about "Why I Blog". It is great to see the reasons people blog and it gives a real insight into the minds of bloggers and why they choose to dedicate time to this way of expression. Nice job Beckie and keep on blogging!


Wow...this is the first blog I've reviewed where I had to consult the professors at Penn to explain the posts in layman's terms. It's not that fact it's very good. GReg's blog covers topics from Global Warming, Politics, and Archeology to blogging itself! It is not hard to believe that Greg is a Harvard graduate with a degree in Biological Anthropology and his content titles tell you that you're in for a real education. He maintains one of the most eclectic and well rounded blogs I've ever come across and I think if you visited and could take a minute to take a breath and not be overwhelmed, then you will enjoy it very much. Excellente!!


"Why I blog
It appears that I have been tagged for another meme. This one asks us to tell the world why we blog. I thought about it a little bit and came up with some reasons that I’ll put down for all to see.
1) The #1 reason I’m blogging is to bring a smile to people. I don’t often write about anything serious…there’s a LOT of blogs that do that. I am always in a better mood when I can laugh at something. It is my desire to share a little of what I laugh at with those who read my blog and hopefully that will pick them up a little.
2) I blog because it’s a way I can “talk” to people from all over the world. I like the interaction with people who see things differently than I do. This world would be pretty boring if we all thought in exactly the same way.
3) I blog because it gives me the opportunity to be a part of a community. I’ve come into contact with some pretty cool folks in the last three months by blogging and would consider them to be friends. Those people who blog and are “frequent flyers” at my blog seem to be forming a neighborhood and that’s pretty cool. I envision the blogs as our own front porch where we can hang out and shoot the breeze.
Well, there you have it…the reasons that I blog. "

Above is an excerpt from Sweaty Socks blog...first off how can you not love that title...second true is that post?! Think about why all of us in this community of bloggers started to blog. Some did it for money as a Pro-Blogger...others might of had an agenda...but most started with the above ideas in mind. Not only is our blogger a great writer who's posts are engaging and well thought out, he is also a great cartoonist. I love talent and this blog has lots of it, so why not swing by and say hi and check out a truly fine blog.

Don't mess with a blogger

This weeks Theme is YellowI'm sure y'all are thinking I'm gonna blast the anonymous poster who totally flamed me while hiding his identity. From now on we will refer to him as the unsusp. Well I'm not. While he is a coward and not that bright I really don't want my blog to be about him. Besides y'all have heard the old saying.Don't argue with an idiot, they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.No I'm going to post about myself being yellow in how I handled the situation. All of the comments happened while I was at work and I came home to Mom and Wade all upset about it. Wade did defend me pretty well in my absence, don't ya think?I immediately deleted the unsusp's comments and I should have left it at that.I don't think I should have put all comments on moderation. By doing that I gave the unsusp power over me and the blog by altering it in response to his actions.I have since remedied the situation. I will still reserve the right to delete any comments that give any personal information that I don't want posted. But I intend to go on as before.I also taught Mom how to delete comments. So If I'm at work and the unsusp decides to hit again, she doesn't have to freak out but can just delete him.I was Yellow but I saw the error of my ways. Now you can call me Purple

The above excerpt is from Lyn's blog and it leaves me wondering what happened? And what does the word unsusp mean...I hear it all the time on the TV show Criminal Minds. Anyway if it's a secret to us new to your blog then so be have a great and interesting blog and I enjoyed going through it alot. Nicely done with good content and it looks like you are putting the new digital camera to good use. Keep up the good work and keep on blogging!

Two Moms

Pearles and Peridots is a blog written by a blogging powerhouse and web site designer who has this blog and along with other sites. You have to give credit to a mom who has time to maintain this many blogs and websites even if there are "two moms" involved :) Check out her blog and click over to her other sites as well...she offers web site design and help too.

Hershey Squirt

How can you not love a blog with that name :) Only thing least on my monitor...your blog comes up with no margins and I have to actually scroll across the screen to read. Makes it tough to read and enjoy. If others out there experience the same post a comment here or let our friend at Hershey Squirt know.


I feel like a Simon Cowell moment upon us. I don't mean to be rude...but. Anyhow, as for the blog I am not personally fond of black backgrounds and I think the posts are a little on the rambling side. Almost like you are just filling in to place pay per post ads. I could be completely wrong. The graphic on the side makes the blog feel lop-sided in my opinion. I get the feel of "no rhyme or reason." On the positive side I think it's great that you've been blogging for quite a while and there are posts that are good and engaging. One thing is you are at least using pay per post to monetize your blog...I am a big believer in this. Keep on blogging and remember, it's your blog, not anyone Else's, if you like it then that is all that counts.

Super Mom!

Sounds like Linda..a.k.a. supermom...has her hands filled as I read through the posts on her blog. I don't envy any parent who has two daughters, mostly because I have friends who have sisters and I've seen how a nice girl can turn into a handful over night and drive the parents nuts during the girls teen years. As for Linda's blog it is full of stories of life and the tribulations that come along with that has everything a blog should have. I especially like the post about needing more men like the ones in your post. Well done and keep up the good work.

Kara's Blog

First off let me say that your blog is very easy to look at...I like the colors and format...Kara posts alot about her daily life and things she likes and dislikes...the blog is definitely monetized with pay per post and adsense...which I think is fantastic. Blogging takes time and if you can make a few bucks while doing something you love then go right ahead! I think Kara's blog is worth a look and while you are over there check out her Crochet business website. Only thing I'd recommend about the business site is get out of tripod and get a blog or cheap host and website...tripod has ads on their free sites...keep that money for yourself.

altjiranga mitjina

First off let me say thank you to John for his kind comments on his blog...Having said that I want to take a crack at what I think the title of his blog means and hopefully he'll correct me if I'm wrong. Altjiranga Mitjina eludes to the experiences held by the members of a certain community and the state of conciseness out of which this experience is possible. Can that mean the community of bloggers in the blogosphere and the blogoshere itself? Well...I gave it a shot. My advice is to check out John's blog. It's full of all kinds of interesting stuff. like Book Fun, Rock and Roll History, and Word A Day. If you are a reader you will especially like this blog as you and John will have alot in common. Great job and keep on blogging!

Bloggin' by Paul

Paul's blog is one of the most established blogs I've seen in a while with posts dating back to 2001. It goes without saying that there is alot of content squeezed in there with mostly a journalistic angle. One thing Paul is doing will be paralleling John Chow's blog with a link exchange program where you can write a "review" of his blog and he will place a link back to your blog. You can see his ideas about this link program here.


I started today off looking at Turnbaby's blog from Kentucky. Her angle is original fiction stories, and you will find these on her blog along with other themes like Thursday Thirteens, Manic Mondays and Wordless Wednesdays where you'll find photos. This is a very busy blog and pretty interesting if you take the time to read through it. Anyone who has Taylor Hicks and Jose and the Pussycats on her sidebar is OK with me!


Dear Diary...

Green eyed girl's blog is blogging at it's purest...a true journal of life and love...a glimpse into the life of a kick boxing girl in her twenties who is going to school for accounting and the struggles that go along with balancing all that and a husband. This is an excerpt from her "profile"
"these words are my diary, screaming out loud And I know that you'll use them, however you want to But you can't jump the track, we're like cars on a cable, And life's like an hourglass, glued to the table No one can find the rewind button now"...I love that song. Anyway I urge you all to have a look over at green eyed girl's blog and say hello. Nicely done and keep on blogging!


Aspirations of world travel and hiking helps to encapsulate Claire's blog from United Kingdom! Claire's blog is "spot on" and is gaining popularity with over 4000 visitors since October! Winner of February 5th's bestest blog of the day award! Bloggers today are so savvy when it comes to getting traffic...I have a pest control blog that is still under 4000 visits and it's been going since April of last year :) It's great to see bloggers getting their due attention. Some advice I'd offer if you are truly looking to help fund your world travel goals would be to add alittle more strategically placed adsense and maybe get more into pay per post. Keep on blogging!!!


Looks like Pennsylvania is taking over the blogosphere! Star's blog is a well rounded journal of her life and times. As I've said in the past, I give alot of credit to someone who blogs and gives people a little glimpse into their life. The posts are well written and interesting...I will have to say that I totally agree with Star's opinion and post about Opera's special last on. Overall a good blog that does what blogs were meant to do...engage the reader. Good job and keep on blogging!

Show Some Brotherly Love

It's great to see a blogger and fellow Philadelphian drop by CMB. Sparky Duck's blog is a collection of alot of posts and opinions from politics to restaurant reviews. Not a newbie by any stretch of the imagination...Sparky has been blogging since 2004 and this full of life blog reflects this in it's rich content and regular postings. Blogging at it's best!

Boring Life? Not really...

Ever wonder what is was like to be a rocket scientist? Just ask Nathan from the Not So Boring Life blog. A new kid on the block, Nathan's blog looks at and discusses ways to make life more exciting, looking at hobbies and ideas to spice things up in our lives. Pretty good start in my opinion and if all goes well for Nathan his blog will be paying for his mortgage in a year or so...I say...good luck and hope that projection comes true! Well done and keep on blogging!

Empress Bee of the High seas

First off let me start by thanking you for your kind words Bee...that was very nice of you...Next I'd like to revisit your blog and introduce your husbands blog Sarge Charlie. How's that for a husband and wife team! Bee's Blog is on of the first blogs I reviewed...I liked it then and like it even better now. You post about Yellow Jackets makes me alittle nervous. I'm scared to death of bees. When I worked in the pest control business I used to suit up in a full bee suit to knock down a paper wasp nest! Needless to say I didn't project much confidence in my customers when it came to bee work. As for Muffin53 I have to say your blog blossomed into a fantastic place to visit. The posts are entertaining and there is lots to do and look at. A definite A+.
Sargent Charlie's blog is tops in my book for the simple reason of it's content. It's dedicated to the men and women in the US armed forces who deserve every bit of praise they can get and then some! Sgt. Charlie does a great job of this and my hats off to him and the military! I must also congratulate him on winning the bestest blog of the day award over at Bobby's blog. Well done!

Mom's Unite

Before CMB went on hiatus a while back I was running an unofficial contest between dad blogs and mom blogs...I still think the moms are winning. Stacy's blog is easy to relate to as I have a 3 and a 6 year old myself and I find her blog interesting and understandable. I have alot of respect for bloggers because they give a look into their private lives. It can be therapeutic to the shows alot of confidence in the bloggers own sense of self...and it is enjoyable to the readers because they get ideas and opinions that they might not otherwise have thought of. Great Job!


Erika Jean's blog is one of those blogs where the bloggers personality jumps right off the screen at you! These are the best blogs because they are entertaining...and they give a glimpse into the life of the blogger. Her writing style flows which makes it easy to read and she has a great sense of comedy. Check out her post about her RA position in college...This blog is one for the favorite section. Well done and keep on blogging.


I love blogs like is full of information about the thing bloggers do best...that's blog. Zaib goes over alot of the technical side of blogging that we all need as well as offering blog reviews. The blog is new and as time goes on I predict a fast spike in popularity as blogs that help bloggers always appeal to the masses. Nicely done!


Shawn's blog is one of a journal where he posts about his life and times of running a pretty involved tech website called Overclock Intelligence Agency. Besides the tech side of things his blog also includes stories of school and in general and reviews of products. Pretty cool blog and I checked out his Tech site and lots of information there too...Check it out!


They crawl in and they crawl out!

This is the first blog I've visited that reminded me of a forum...witty and well written, wormbrain offers entertainment and thought provoking content. He posts mostly about news and games...I personally was interested in the post about the Sirius and XM merger as I have some money there. Post. This is definitely a different kind of blog format and a cool one at that.


Spew it all is a blog that seems to me to be alittle political...a little personal...a little journalistic...and full of opinions. Although I don't always inderstand or agree with a blog I still review it and put it out there. You be the judge on Spew It All.


If you're looking for majestic photos of waterfalls and other natural beauty then these two blogs are for you...nicely done with inspiring and interesting commentary on the photos by the blogger.

Blog about your blog.

What can you say about blog about your blog? The title says it all. It's an interesting community where you can advertise your blog or services or even have your blog reviewed. You go through an approval process and upon approval you can post. This is a great community idea and I predict it to grow to great proportions! Excellente!



Sports blogs are a great way to gauge the fans because they are written by the fans. It's especially good when you get a good sports blog that is very informative and you can tell the blogger knows his sports. Frank's blog is heavy into hockey with a spattering of other topics that are interesting and gives it a well rounded feel. His pay per post ads are not "in your face" so they are easy to read through or just pass by. So if you love hockey then go spend some time and a half at OVERTIME! Well done frank and keep on blogging!

How now John Chow

Believe it or Shakespeare's time they had blogs, except they were formatted as plays. plays...can tell a story, and our boy John Chow's story is one of money and blog expertise! Internet and blog guru John Chow is one of the Market Makers (to steal a Wall Street term) of blog traffic and search engine optimization or SEO. You can say he is the "CEO" of link exchanges as that is exactly what he is doing here and across the blogosphere with a fantastic offer to exchange links for a review. With 300,000 page views a month it makes this idea enticing and a no brainer to help boost your traffic and improve your ranking in a number of ways.
Let me start by telling you how you can join this parade of bloggers. Go to John Chows page that discusses the rules of the link exchange and begin there. Then after you've done that then I'd say take a look around the site. It is full of articles about how to make money blogging. Having said that I must also point out that his blog is well rounded with posts about cars, investing, and even fine dining to name a few. He is also very open about his earnings in regards to his blog and I think that is both inspirational and informative.
There is no doubt that I'll be adding this blog to my favorite reads and will be educating myself with his wisdom and knowledge.


A History of Critique My Blog and how it works

Critique my Blog was started in August of 2006 as an experiment to see just what this thing called blogging was all about. I started by surfing the blogosphere and commenting on people's blogs and offering to critique them on this linking to other blogs and being critiqued myself on Bobby Griffin's blog my traffic and requests for blog critiques grew quickly.
It was during the time of starting a new job that my time was restricted and was unable to dedicate the time this kind of site needed. I regretfully ended the blog in November and over the the months since then tried different formats to rejuvenate the blog.
I decided to return to the basics and start the blog up with the original format of personally critiquing your blogs. This is what I enjoyed the most and I truly believe that the blogging community is a unique group of people who show incredible talent and resources on a daily basis, and I love being able to promote this talent.
So to take advantage of Critique My Blog all you have to do is submit your blog to and I will review your blog and critique it in the format you see with the other blogs. All I ask is that you place a link to Critique My Blog on your sidebar.
I look forward to reading and commenting on all your blogs and keep on blogging!!!



Whenever I think of the word scooter I always think of scooter from the Muppet Show or Scooter I get to think of scooter...blogger extraordinaire! Scooter's blog is full of life and interesting stories...there are some instances when you want to put duct tape around your when reading the post entitled Standard Disclaimer...but all kidding aside it's a blog worth visiting Scooter and Sherry do a great job!!! So go check it out!


And the award goes to...

First off let me start by saying that the transformation of blogging in just a few months from a web diary to very professional looking web pages is amazing and exciting. As you can see I'm a bells and whistles. Enough about me...what about Bob? Bobbaramma is most definitely a bloggers blog with pure wit and funny pics with great captions. How can you say anything bad about a blog that won the much coveted Bloggy award? You can't! Check out what the judges had to say about this clean cut...user friendly blog that will keep you entertained on a daily basis! Judges Comments.

One More Try!

Over the past few months I've tried several different ways to tweak the format on CMB and have found that the only true way to do this is to go back to the original format and start it up again. As before I will critique each blog that is emailed to me via the submit your blog link on the sidebar and all I ask is that you place the link to my blog in your sidebar. I look forward to getting back into the swing of things. With over 9000 visits to Critique My Blog I hope to bring traffic your way and bring exposure to this great format of writing. The Blog!