The Longest Post

Here is a blog that looks to have just started and I have to say that it's the longest post I've ever seen! I will have to say that it at least flows and is written well. Add a site meter to your blog and keep the posts coming...that's the best way to grow your blog.

Diarrhea Of The Mouth

Here's a favorite of mine. It's new blog and I'm already a fan. Only criticism is to add a sitemeter. This is a great way to see the popularity of your blog. I thought the writing and stories were fantastic. The post about Myspace is a testament to the power of blogs and how they can be used as a way to express feelings and emotions. Nice job.

Last Comic Standing

I should host the blog version of last comic standing. There has been a good 3 or 4 truly funny bloggs that have crossed my eyes. I'm not one to laugh out loud while reading...I might smile and laugh in my head...Rarely will I give an all out chuckle. This is one of those blogs that make you laugh out loud. He pokes fun at the Indian culture (Not American Indian) and being an Indian-American himself, knows what he's talking about. Done in a loving way...his observations and fun poking is hilarious. A definite 5 star blog.

At Home

Here's a cool blog hosted by Different format that I'm used to but I liked it. It's all about the writing and the message anyway. One feature I liked was the quotes at the end of each post...that was a nice touch. Keep up the good work.

Random Thoughts

Saturday morning and I'm treated to a blog from the United Arab Emirates by a blogger who posts her random thoughts and lots more. I enjoyed looking at the photos that were in the blog because I like photography. The writing was good, but on a Saturday morning with only one cup of coffee in me, it's a little too deep at spots. The blog is coming up to it's one year anniversary and my only word of advice is to add a sitemeter to track your visitors. Keep on bloggin.


Updated Sidebar

Tonight and the rest of the weekend I will be updating the side bar with all the links to the blogs I reviewed. By Sunday it should be completely updated.


Blushing Billy here again. This is a blog with a compilation of erotic stories written by people who submitted their works to this blog. I have to admit I surfed through some of them and found them all to be tastefully done. If visiting this blog be aware that it is an R rated blog. I didn't realize there were so many erotic bloggers out there. Nice job. Keep!


So who is Jane Lake? Jane's got a lot to say about a lot of things. Jane Lake edits a cool blog from New York, New York. My take on Jane Lake is that she's got one of the best blogs I've seen in the respect of Adsense and other affiliate programs on her blog which I think is fantastic. One of the better blogs I've seen that has taken advantage of some thing I think a lot more people should do. If you are going to blog anyway...why not add the free adsense and let your blog make a few bucks while you sleep. I thought the blog was crisp and clean with no caffeine, content was posted routinely and well written. Nice work.


I admittedly went into reading this blog with an already positive attitude for one simple reason. I love pretzels. I word pretzel and the picture of the pretzel gave me an instant bias. I was's a cool blog and a fun read. I was also impressed about the fact that this blogger actually bought and read a book about blogging. Nice job and keep it coming!

Pennsylvania Pride!

Political blog from a fellow Pennsylvanian. It's a newer blog but already has almost 1000 views which tells you that there is a readership. This blog should get even more interesting as the Pennsylvania governor campaigns really start to take off.


This is one of the most easy going blogs I've read so far...short posts about the life of the blogger...his observations...thoughts...questions. It's like chatting with someone. My favorite thing about his blog is his way of addressing his readers..."bloggerheads" I guess that is what we really are. Nicely done.

Will And Grace!

"A fabulous 20-something homo's guide to single living in the greatest city in the world."

This is a brand spanking new blog about the adventures of a gay man in the United kingdom. That about sums it up. I think if you keep a daily journal of your adventures and keep posting regularly you will see your fan base grow. I liked the writing and think it can be a great blog. I'd add a sitemeter to track your visitors. Keep on bloggin!


Charming blog about the adventures of a family moving from Autralia to Singapore with little ones in toe. Lot's of pictures of the family and some shocking gator pictures in the recent posts! Looks like a cool zoo. My only criticism is to either get rid of the "Google News" "Edit-Me" "Edit-me" and replace it with some web sites of Singapore or something you like. Other than that...Well done.!

Tea Time

Blogs can be many things to many people. This blog is about the bloggers life with lot's of pictures and writing clips about family and friends. The blogging community is amazing because when you think about, as you read through people's blogs you are actually being invited into the blogger's world and lives, this is a unique in and of itself. Some blogs are bazaar, some are boring, some are exciting, some are average, and some are nice. I think that's one of the charming aspects of the blogosphere and that is you get to meet so many people from so many places, get to know them, and check in daily. This blog is one that is inviting with a good message about poverty too. Check it out.


Here's is a truly unique blog with a funny perspective on life in general. It's like a daily look at the world through the eyes of John Cleese. Yaxlich is from England and his observation of America having the internet in one of his posts just made me laugh because it was presented so matter of factly that is struck me as funny. The humor is dry at times which I love and it's just a fun blog to surf through. I smiled the whole time. Great work Yaclich!



Let me start off by saying that from the look on your husband's face in the picture that is on your blog....he doesn't look too peachy keen about eating just raw food :) I think this blog has a cool slant and it's a great idea and inspiring to others to at least try eat healthier. I am a carb king who is a classic metabolic syndrome attack waiting to happen...but enough about me. I would say that you should add a site meter to track how may people are your fans and I would also add some adsense to get some revenue. It's cool niche and by the looks of this blog I think you both have alot of "raw" talent. Well done.

Kat Attack!

Ok Kat...I'm usually pretty critical when there's a lot of flashy stuff as far as changing templates and blogging in a box. I will have to say that it took a while for that whole thing to load and I have a cable modem. So instead of being critical I will say that I think you blog is actually pretty good. It's a great thing that teens have an outlet to express themselves and their feelings and so I will not be discouraging with my review. In fact I encourage you to continue to keep your blog growing and maturing and one day you'll look back when you are older and it will be a nice journal to look over. Nice job and keep on blogging!

Miss Cellania

I love a good laugh, and that's just what Miss Cellania's blog brings us with lot's of funny stories and clips of cartoons and lot's more in between! No criticism on the blog....I think it's great...was curious what you think of wordpress? Is it easy to use. Keep up the good work!

Live Love Laugh

Blogging can be an outlet for people and very therapeutic. It's a way to get "things" off your chest, it's a way to let other people know how you're feeling and what you're going through, all of which appear to be behind this blog journal. RX850 is a RN who has COPD. On a word of criticism, I'd explain in your blog somewhere what COPD is. I don't know what it is except it sounds brutal and something that no human needs to go through. The blog itself I think it perfect...being still new I think it will grow with lot's of stories as you continue to Live...Love..and Laugh. Nice work and well done.

Out of Africa

This blog is a special one in that it's topic about a guy who left America to go help Africa as an Aids consultant. The posts are captivating and the pictures of some of the little children at TOPSY are heart touching. I'd recommend a visit to ripplefxs...I think you'll be glad you did.


Great Stuff

"Comfy sweats pushed up to my knees. A choice of 3 rented movies. Trader Joe's crabcakes in the oven. A crappy bottle of champagne. And a canvas in front of me, that a drawing will be transferred to by night's end."

How's that for a relaxing evening in....Trader Joe's Rocks!! Anyway...great blog...From this blog you can check out her other blogs as well...I think I counted like 5 or 6...busy busy...some are not kept up to date....but still lot's to look at...Any blogger who eats crab cakes from Trader Joe's Rocks!

Flows like poetry

This is an interesting blog that has a duel purpose where the blogger writes a post about her day...what's going on in her life...where her life is taking her...trials...Tribulations...Blessings..And after the post she also posts a poem to go with it. For all you poetry lovers out there this is the blog to visit and for all you "love life" people out's one for you too...I have one complaint...Bottom feeder syndrome...The side bar is at the bottom...Other than that I loved it. Well done!


Matt attack...Ohio must breed good blogger...this blog has everything from funny stories to quick clips and lot's of pics to fill in the blanks. Very busy side bar which is the sign of an interested blogger...nice job over all. One mentioned another web it up and running yet?

Soap Star first question is, ARE YOU SELLING SOAP YET?!?! If so then what is your web site? If you have a web site then why aren't you advertising it on your blog...and if you don't have a web site then why don't you set up a paypal account or an ebay account and start selling. I think entrepreneurs are fantastic! You have a popular product....soaps...and you have a media outlet to start getting the word out. Now that that's been said....want to start a far I've critiqued a singer...a (a guitar player) and myself a trombone player. What a musical bunch of bloggers. Speaking of bloggers...I liked the blog alot...the writing flowed and and was interesting and kept with a theme...Nice job...Now go sell some soap!!


For all you avid readers out there, this blog is full of book reviews interestingly written. The blog itself is busy and has lots to look at which I like...Nice work and well done.

Vegemite Sandwich

Jolly good blog I've just read through. This chick from London, England keeps a good journal with interesting stories that invite you to come along for the ride. Our blogger is a Chelloist who was bitten by the music bug while watching a James Bond movie...all of the above gives her high marks in my book. Keep up the good work and keep on bloggin...Cheers.


Ammoontie brings us this afternoons blog. Tidy and well maintained. Interesting perspectives from another country.

Peggy Sue

As strange as the the last blog was...this one is the complete opposite. Great advertising, great stories and a well developed theme. I like a busy blog that looks like the blogger spends time on it...Only criticism is no site meter that I could see...I'd add one.


John sends us a blog that even though I tried...could not figure out for the life of me. It was on the border of bazaar. As far as I could tell it had no real rhyme or reason. It's only a few months old so it could be that John is still experimenting with some things...but as the blog stands now it's too "everywhere". Sorry about the poor critique.

Flakey Journal of Judith

Some quick points...In Judith's Blog my criticism would be that there is no sitemeter and no links. It's the curse of the [Google News, Edit-Me, Edit-Me]. Find some web sites that interest you and add them in here. If you like Money then add Forbes.Com or if you like Health add the link for a Heart Association. Either that or clear that section off your blog and have nothing. It's evident you like to blog but leaving those spaces as they are shows otherwise in my opinion. If you are nervous that you might mess up your blog because you are not sure of how to add links then start a practice blog and use that as a way to experiment. Also the changing color type is a little rough on the eyes I think. Other than that I liked the blog being used as a pure journal of your life and times. Nice work.


Fast Times At Ridgemont High!!

You've mistakenly picked The Breakfast Club as the number one highschool movie of all time...I hope this doesn't discourage people from visiting your blog :) Sarah brings us a wonderful blog about all kinds of things from...well...her misguided opinions of best highschool movies to TV gossip and reviews. The blog is full of pictures and great writing've guessed it...Lots of content. I have to say when I first read your blip about the turtles at the top of your blog I thought snoozville...I was pleasantly surprised by the opposite.

Romeo...Oh Romeo...

No doubt about it...we have a real live Romeo and Juliet with a happy ending! This blog must be read from the very first post to get the full feel for it. A brilliant and compelling story of love and passion complete with the parents who object...divorce...and even an airport scene! This is a must read for all you romance fans out there!

penrick things to say

Here's a charming blog that penny has put together. Entertaining and warm at the same time...All the right things in regards to site meter...lot's of good content with writing that keeps your interests as you explore from post to post. Very well done...Keep up the good work and keep on bloggin!!!

Out of Africa

Here's young blogger who writes about his trip to Africa...highschool...not having money...needing money...girls...lot's of problems I wish I still had...maybe we can trade...anyway...great blog...all the right things are in place...sitemeter...adsense...good content...Keep up the good work.

studio twenty three.

Check this blog out if you like art...good writing...interesting insights...and reviews. I though this blog was great with lots to do and see. Nice work Lee!


Get your spectacles on for this one...the writing is good...nice template...but the writing is soo small...I'd use a different font and letter size...You might want to add a site meter as well. Other than that...nice job and keep the blog rollin!


All caught up!

Finally I am all caught up critiquing everyone's blog...Just an update on some new directions I'll be taking the blog. On Fridays I'll be doing a feature called FOLLOW-UP FRIDAYS where I'll re-visit blogs from the past that have been reviewed and see how things are doing with a brief comment on the blog. Also I want to encourage people to visit the blogs that are featured on this blog because everyone has worked very hard on their blogs and it's clearly visible the passion that they have for this thing we do. Great work. Anyone who I haven't critiqued yet who want to be just email me at , also be sure to send your friends over for a critique as well. I just want to leave you with a post I posted earlier for my 100th post post :) It is a comment by Jack that really was a great compliment!


Today I've reached the 100 post mark since starting my blog in August! I've been critiquing other people's blogs and was returned the favor by Jack from .
He writes in his blog,

"The Exchange - Critique My Blog
The Exchange - Critique My Blog

"The Missal received a favorable review over at Critique My Blog, for which I'm appreciative.
Now I'm going to return the favor. Not simply because I can, or because Billy gave me a favorable review.
But because I think that such a review is deserved. And those of you who know me also know that I would in no way give anyone a favorable endorsement unless I truly believed they had earned and deserved it.

I have been visiting Critique My Blog at least every other day since I saw it profiled on the Bestest Blog. Not simply to see what Billy might say in reviewing this site but also because I have found his blog to be an excellent resource in more than one way. First of all I think that Billy's idea of doing short critiques is an excellent marketing and promotional tool, especially for those sites, like this one, that are new to blogging and could use every means at their disposal for promotion and communication with both new and established readers. So as a promotional tool the idea is an excellent one and the method by which it is undertaken is solid in execution.

Secondly I think the reviews posted are mostly very fair and insightful. The reviews posted are short, and not in-depth reviews, but that is to be expected and I'm sure that Billy has far too large a workload reviewing every blogger that wishes their site to be reviewed to post in-depth reviews of every single blog. Yet the reviews are nevertheless very useful and Billy manages to distill the important aspects of most people's blogs into a few short but descriptive and utilitarian sentences which give a practical synopsis of blog content and presentation.

Third, the site is an excellent tool for the discovery of new blog sites. I have through use of the site discovered several interesting and useful blogs which I have transferred to my own Links to Other Blogs page in the sidebar of all of my cross-linked sites. In addition I have added the link to Critique My Blog to my other links as well, into my favorites folder in Internet Explorer, and will be adding the email syndication. However my one criticism of Billy's site is that I saw no link provided for RSS syndication (I may have missed it but I did not see one). If one were available then I would add the address to my personal RSS Reader. In that way I could use my RSS Reader to easily scan for new sites of interest even if I didn't have time to visit every day. In many ways I consider Critique My Blog to be every bit as useful as a discovery and research resource as the Bestest Blog. So Billy, if you don't have RSS or Atom I hope you will get it in the future.

And last but not least I think that Critique My Blog does an excellent job of driving traffic and readers in both directions simultaneously. That is his reviews drive traffic to your site and if your site is cross-linked to other interesting sites then that same traffic will be driven farther forward and a'field, as well as back in the direction of Billy's site in order for the reader to discover similar finds. The idea behind Billy's site is deceptively simple and yet functional, useful, extremely efficient, and beneficial to both reader and blogger alike. My recommendation is to take advantage of this resource, as both a reader and a blogger. You won't be disappointed."


Critique My Blog link:
posted by Jack at 12:02 AM

cathy said...
Good Post...I found your blog through "Critique My Blog" after he critiqued

Your exactly right in your review of Billy's blog. It is a great way to find new blogs to visit and link.

I do a friday 5s where I also sent some people to him as well. I love his idea!

23 September, 2006 05:21
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Good Lord...I blush when my son farts and I'm getting sent blogs about spanking and erotica :) Kidding aside I am thrilled that people use blogging for be boring rock collection information on up to the world of's a terrific use of this media and I love it... This is a blog worth looking at as the writing is great and keeps your interest and the writers personality jumps off the page.

Regular...hold the cream

Here is a blog that passed over the desk and glad it's a blog about a family from Washington...a regular family...writing about regular stuff...makes me smile. No crazy gimmicks...just a good blog about good people...


Lots to do and see on the world wide web...which is exactly what susnshine explores in this blog...reviewing blogs, websites, and much more...worth a look!


Before I start the critique I urge you to check out these mazes Steve creates. With in each maze are 2's really for the blog my friend...not too much going on I'm seem like you have a fantastic story to tell but instead every post tell how the market day went. Cool mazes gets a 10....bland blog gets a 2.


Despite the crazy and a little offensive title...the blog is actually pretty good. It's for the most part good clean fun and parts of the blog keep your attention...Not a bad job and worth a look for sure.

Saints be praised and shake me shilalie!!

By the luck of the blarney stone this blog was sent to me written by the Irish. I loved the blog because I'm partial...I know that a person who critiques is supposed to be impartial, but that would be no fun. This is my story of hanging out with the Irish and you won't believe it...but it's true. One of my last visits with my great aunt Marge before she passed away was a visit to the Rockefeller Estate with my Aunt's 2 friends,Malachy and Frank McCourt of Angela's Ashes fame...The estate for the most part is a tourist attraction now, but we met Mary Louise Rockefeller, my Aunt's other friends who took us for a private tour. What a cool group of people. Now that I'm done name dropping...back to your fantastic blog. I loved it all except the Bottom Feeder Syndrome...The side bar is all the way at the bottom. Nice job and keep it coming!!


Bloggers of these United States.Unite! Well at least check out the united states of bloggers...if you live in a state that is free you can post your blog as a link for others to see. I have Pennsylvania and Bobby from Bestest Blog has Jersey...but there are lot's open...come on link space...of course you'll want to return the favor...Check it out.

Cool Kaat!

Fellow critiquer and reviewer Kaat brings her unique form to the critiquing of books, movies and blogs! The blog is clever and fun to look through from the sidebar to the content with a central theme running through out. Meow. I think you'll like this blog's perspective and would give it two thumbs up on the macker meter. Great job!


Real writers club alert! We have another published writer to add to the the club. This blog is a high traffic blog with some good stories and insights. It's great to see writers who've been published because it's the dream of many of these bloggers in this world! Nice work and hats off!

Lights Camera Action

I have to start the critique by giving a bottom feeder alert! The syndrome that seems to affect a lot of blogs has also attacked this poor man. He's got a blog about Hollywood and a pretty cool one at that. My aunt was in Show Business in New York with her own Show called Marge and Jeff in the early days of TV, so I'm partial to anything to do with Show Biz. Nice job and keep up the good work! Just try to fix your sidebar.

Don't critique my blog

Did you ever wish you could just reach into a particular blog to pat someone on the back to assure them that it would be ok? Well that's the way this blog will make you feel. It's a way to get a lot of things off her chest and a bit of therapy it seems and I think blogging could be good in the respect that there are probably a lot of people out there that are going through what you are going through and it's good to know that they are there to help. One thing about the blogosphere is that you are never alone! Stay strong.


Here's a site that was sent to me that made my mouth water as I read through it! Garlic...olive oil...balsamic vinegar....I know what's for diner tonight! Lot's of great recipes...Check er out!

U-G-L-Y !!

There's no doubt that there are plenty of ugly ducks out there...and apparently lot's of other ugly and scary looking animals as well. This blog is dedicated to just that and it welcomes submissions! It's on the cool meter.

Ray Romano

One thing I haven't seen much of is a good sports blog...Our boy from the above blog had a sports column in college and is spilling it over into the blog world...I think if you had the time and decided to keep a steady thing could put some of those betting affiliate links and adsense would start sending you some good links as well. I think you still have a lot of kinks to work out with your adjunct right now as it is scattered all over. The idea is great I just think you need to keep experimenting.

Clash of the Titans

Prometheus was one of the Greek titans AKA the trickster. This blog is tricky indeed. Lot's of people have stopped by to say Hi to Prometheus and this cat's been bloggin since 2004, so he's got some content. It's just really weird. To learn more please contact the world of crazy or just click on the above link and check it out.

Alex P Keaton

The young man who edits this blog probably has no idea who Alex P Keaton is unless he watches lots of TV land. I doubt he's much of a TV head, what he is though is a debater who edits a very compelling blog. It's full of interesting commentary and views that are expressed by perhaps the next Senator of Michigan. Nice work and good luck on your up coming trip to Washington!!! This college bound senior was home schooled and he loves debate. So just what are your views on home schooling?? Why not click his blog and let him know.

Choppy Seas

I have to say this blog's a tough one...It's written by a young lady originally from Indonesia and English is admitably her second language so the writing doesn't flow well in my opinion. Having said that it's amazing to me that people can learn another language and attempt to write in that language and succeed in it. The blog is OK otherwise...just not one of my favorites because of the flow factor.

Erotic Blush I've seen it all...I can feel my face blush as I was reading this blogger spin tales of wonderfully written erotica. A newbie to the blog circuit and already a heavy hitter with a high traffic following! Keep the content flowing and I'm sure you'll keep the readers...uh...Coming pun intended :) Well written and tastefully done...It's on the Macker Top 5!

Blog eat Blog

Another one for the books...One thing I love to see in a blog is content...big...fat...Content...and this blog has lots of it and it's full of eye catching stuff. If you're considering switching to BETA then you should definitely check this blog out as it gives some good pointers and tips about this topic. I'd revisit the Adsense again. I noticed in your first couple of posts you had trouble getting the Adsense to cooperate with you. With the traffic you have you might be able to make a few extra bucks. Great job!


Here's a pretty funny blog all about the dopes who break the law for a living. It reminds me of a skit on a local Philly Radio station called "the dummy of the day" on B-101. If you're looking for a smile then I'd breeze on over to Stupid Criminal File for a breath of fresh air. On a critical note. This blog has bottom feeders syndrome! The right side bar is at the bottom. People have to scroll all the way down to see your ads and everything else...Might want to look at that.


Today I've reached the 100 post mark since starting my blog in August! I've been critiquing other people's blogs and was returned the favor by Jack from .
He writes in his blog,

"The Exchange - Critique My Blog
The Exchange - Critique My Blog

"The Missal received a favorable review over at Critique My Blog, for which I'm appreciative.
Now I'm going to return the favor. Not simply because I can, or because Billy gave me a favorable review.
But because I think that such a review is deserved. And those of you who know me also know that I would in no way give anyone a favorable endorsement unless I truly believed they had earned and deserved it.

I have been visiting Critique My Blog at least every other day since I saw it profiled on the Bestest Blog. Not simply to see what Billy might say in reviewing this site but also because I have found his blog to be an excellent resource in more than one way. First of all I think that Billy's idea of doing short critiques is an excellent marketing and promotional tool, especially for those sites, like this one, that are new to blogging and could use every means at their disposal for promotion and communication with both new and established readers. So as a promotional tool the idea is an excellent one and the method by which it is undertaken is solid in execution.

Secondly I think the reviews posted are mostly very fair and insightful. The reviews posted are short, and not in-depth reviews, but that is to be expected and I'm sure that Billy has far too large a workload reviewing every blogger that wishes their site to be reviewed to post in-depth reviews of every single blog. Yet the reviews are nevertheless very useful and Billy manages to distill the important aspects of most people's blogs into a few short but descriptive and utilitarian sentences which give a practical synopsis of blog content and presentation.

Third, the site is an excellent tool for the discovery of new blog sites. I have through use of the site discovered several interesting and useful blogs which I have transferred to my own Links to Other Blogs page in the sidebar of all of my cross-linked sites. In addition I have added the link to Critique My Blog to my other links as well, into my favorites folder in Internet Explorer, and will be adding the email syndication. However my one criticism of Billy's site is that I saw no link provided for RSS syndication (I may have missed it but I did not see one). If one were available then I would add the address to my personal RSS Reader. In that way I could use my RSS Reader to easily scan for new sites of interest even if I didn't have time to visit every day. In many ways I consider Critique My Blog to be every bit as useful as a discovery and research resource as the Bestest Blog. So Billy, if you don't have RSS or Atom I hope you will get it in the future.

And last but not least I think that Critique My Blog does an excellent job of driving traffic and readers in both directions simultaneously. That is his reviews drive traffic to your site and if your site is cross-linked to other interesting sites then that same traffic will be driven farther forward and a'field, as well as back in the direction of Billy's site in order for the reader to discover similar finds. The idea behind Billy's site is deceptively simple and yet functional, useful, extremely efficient, and beneficial to both reader and blogger alike. My recommendation is to take advantage of this resource, as both a reader and a blogger. You won't be disappointed."


Critique My Blog link:
posted by Jack at 12:02 AM

cathy said...
Good Post...I found your blog through "Critique My Blog" after he critiqued

Your exactly right in your review of Billy's blog. It is a great way to find new blogs to visit and link.

I do a friday 5s where I also sent some people to him as well. I love his idea!

23 September, 2006 05:21
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I am flattered by Jack's critique of Critque My Blog and I'm happy to review all these blogs. The creativity that everyone has shown is amazing and I have alot of respect for all the bloggers, good and bad, that I've reviewed. Just to put yourself out there and give a piece of yourself through the world of bloggers is respectful in and of itself.
I encourage everyone to have another look at Jacks Blog

Calling all Poets

What else can I's a poetry blog. I happen to like poetry alot so I think it's very well done. A post of poetry and then an open comment section. Powerfully simple.


Another great one! This blog by 6 teenage "mates" from Australia reads almost like a magazine with contributing writers who do a great job touching on lot's of interesting stuff. This blog has a lot of potential and I think it is a great idea and well done. Mark this one on your "to read" list.

Empress Bee

Another new kid on the block doing a great job! Blog looks and feels good...glad to see you're participating in the fiction writer idea...I look forward to checking that out...Email me back who ever is involved and I'll post the links for you.

Code Breaker-Sorry

calculus anyone? Just the word conjures up uncomfortable images in my head, along with the re-coded template I have to give this Calc paper a C- . Blogging in my opinion is set up for ease. You click on the page and know exactly where everything is and it makes for easier's almost like a newspaper. Imagine if they started to all of a sudden put the sports in the front and the classified ads in the back and the obituaries hidden in with the sports next to the Stats. If you are into coding then a web site is more your speed. Having said that...your blog is just that...your blog...I just offer opinion...I think if you have to think about navigating a blog then it's lost it's meaning. Simplicity.

Sadie Sadie...

Let's hear one for the most comical blog title to date. ..gotta love this one...must be doing something right with a busy traffic report. Crafty and full of life this blog is with all the right moves. Nice job. Using the theme a day style.


I think you need to pick a niche, whether it be photography or something else, and stick to it. Since the blog is newer I'd try and fix your side bar so your profile and links, etc are at the top as they should be...I think the side bar went to the bottom because of some adsense code...I find that the 200x600 tower works best with a banner ad at the top...After that keep posting and as you post you will notice your readership start to grow.


Here's a brand new blog on the the street...true that blogs can be like a virtual shrink in regards to putting your feelings down...My only advice would be to add a site meter to see who's stopping by to read. Good luck with this and stay strong.

Take This!!

Were you ever in a situation when there were people doing something so rude or obnoxious that you wanted to smack them in the head with a chair? Well Dustin has been in this situation and has done something about it! His blog is creative and cleverly written with a good twist of humor added for good measure.



Career criminal gone good brings us our next blog with one recurring message...stay in school. Lot's of interesting posts ping ponging from personal posts to week in reviews where strange but true news is recapped, like the zillion dollar casino that was mistakenly built in a no gambling zone! Check it out!

I am Woman See me Blog

I love smart blogs...blogs that are written with wit and lots of thought...that's what Lizza brings us here. From a cool post about the word "Fuck" to an earlier post entitled "my truths" , Lizza's insightful look at things both in her own little world and outside it is terrific...She also has a cool feature called Blog World Saturdays where she herself comments on blogs she's chosen and likes...Awesome criticism...I don't like the way I have to scroll from one side to the other...that is a little bothersome...I can get over it though because it truly is a hip blog...Well done. Keep it coming.


Here's a blog full of a mish mosh of subjects from musical reviews to the announcement of the death of a wrestler...There is a whole cast of characters editing this interesting blog: The Boom Camel...Laura...Shrekzilla...Carlito Escobar?...NJPofCO. The blog is also fitted with Chat area so that you can keep in touch.

Blog Update

Still playing catch up...I will be reading each and ever blog and hope to have caught up by tonight...the latest by tommorrow. What a fantastic and talented group of bloggers!

The Lounge

Brian's blog is both discerning and adroit with an interesting way of writing that captures your interest and takes you hostage. In his Gin and Tonic Lounge you are treated to his thoughts and interests and unique take on life and the world...Check it out!

Kiyotoe philosophies

Kiyotoe writes in his blog about mostly his thoughts and observations. I sensed more of a philosophical feel to this blog and I think that rounds out this blogoshere. His ideas on what makes a man ring true and make lot's of sense. Over all I think Kiyotoe grabs alot of what the world is wondering about and puts his spin to it making a thoughtful and compelling blog to visit and revisit. Well done.

Gathered us the kids and they moved to Beverly...Stop...Reverse

In today's hustle and bustle world I'm almost envious of Phelan and her family as they moved to the boondocks and survived! This is a really interesting story that is just amazing to me , a city boy living a stone throw away from center city Philadelphia, PA. It chronicles how Phelan and her family decided to move to what is described as a homestead which conjures up images of the TV show Bonanza in my mind. There are great stories and adventure (nearly getting sucked up by a recent Tornado) and everything in between. A definite read in my opinion. Will be checking in from time to time and thanks for the inspiration...if I can convince my wife I'd do the same thing.



Leanne comes to us from another blog platform IBLOGS. Welcome aboard...most all the blogs so far have been blogger blogs and I'm glad to see others joining in! First off let's applaud her losing 18.2 pounds in one month!!! That is just what this blog is all about. Her battle with weight own battle is not doing too good as I ate 5 Philadelphia soft pretzels last night. Aside from my glycemic index going thru the's just not good to eat 5 soft pretzels. So anyway...nice job Leanne...I like the blog a lot and I urge everyone to take a look and cheer her on as she continues the battle of the bulge. Lot's of interesting stuff.


What a refreshing blog to read...I love it when the personality of the writer jumps right off the screen and you can just feel the mood and passion of each post. Cynnie seems to be a full of life and fun person which expresses itself in her blogging style. I like the way Cynnie integrates quick little tidbits and then longer posts. This blog has some following with some heavy traffic stats...One post touched on Cynnie working with Autistic Children at one time which is close to my heart. My wife is a teacher for Autistic children and it's fascinating and sad at the same time. The kids are so great! Anyway...great job and keep the blog rollin!!!!

The Irish!

Presenting a real...honest to goodness... published... writer! Roger the blogger writes to his hearts delight in this blog of characters and lot's of other stuff. I'd check out this blog to brouse through it and also check out his book on!!! Honor to have you on the blog Roger!

Kevin from South Africa!

Kevin's blog speaks a world of truth...I like this blog alot because it touches on alot of topics and interests that I have myself. That makes be biased...I know...but at the same time the truth is the truth. One thing I'd add is a site meter...I know I'm like the site meter warden, but I think if you are going to bother to write on an open forum then you might as well know how many people you are touching...So overall a nice job...Keep the posts coming...fellow documentary watcher...

Digging for Gold!

It never ceases to amaze me...just when I thought I've seen it all, along comes something new. This blog is so unique in that it looks to be written on one of those notebook computers where you can write with a pen and it shows up on the screen as your own handwriting. Also the illustrations are terrific! What a kick ass job...again you can see the impact that blogs have on people in this unique journey of Serena from New York! The writing and illustrating talents are first rate...good luck in your journey...and keep us up to date!

my pregnant pauses

I have to say that the first 3 posts of this blog from July are some of the most beautiful posts I've read so far. Touching and sincere. What a wonderful thing to read about real love in many forms. This is a an inspiring blog with cool insights into life and love. Nice work!

Lenny from Indiana

Blog start up with all the right moves...not afraid to speak his mind...almost reminds me of a radio host Glenn Beck with his delivery of stereo types. As for the blog...the staples are there...sitemeter and adsense. Good content...just keep the blog rolling! Nice work!


Paul...nice beginning of a blog here...some disturbing pictures I must say...Human remains being carried around can make one do a double take...Have some criticism in that as a retired school teacher you must have a lifelong vault of stories to tell...why not do it often to gain readership and I'd post a sitemeter to see how much traffic you are commanding. Nice job...Consistency is the key.

Praise the Lord

People are basically good...just thought I'd throw my two cents in there...:) This blog is basically good too...Blogs are great because they see no boundaries...race, religion, beliefs...they are all free in this world. I happen to agree with alot of what this blog has to say, a Christian blog, and there are some things I don't agree with. Being able to agree to disagree is what makes the world go round. If you want a glimpse into the world of Christianity this is an awesome blog to visit...well written and presented by someone who is clearly passionate about blogging and Christianity.

frilly white knickers

Blog's can be used as therapy and fun all at the same time...Nicole's blog is heavy at times especially early on with some ups and downs and twists and turns. Expression of one's self is the base of every blog and it is taken advantage of here. Keep the posts current to keep your readership up is my only advice...stay strong.


Holy Cow...what a way to end a long hard day at work. I don't usually laugh out loud at something I'm reading, but this blog by comic Nate Smith is off the charts. If he delivers his comedy on stage the way he writes it then he better be standing by for the call from Last Comic Standing. Very impressed with this one. My advice would be two things. Add a site meter so you can see how many fans you have...and then add a feature like Feedblitz to keep your fans updated as you continue to post your material. This is definitely worth a look. Very cleverly written, I love the lists about George and Dick...The cell phone skit...the Nature's calling...You've won a fan here tonight. Nice job and keep it coming.

Sinatra would be proud of this fellow Hoboken boy. Two clever blogs...both with a common ailment that I called bottom feeder syndrome. Sometimes when you are playing around with the code in your template you bump the stuff that is supposed to be at the top right to the bottom making your adsense useless and hiding your profile. Most people won't scroll all the way down to the bottom. That's my only criticism of your blog...other than that I liked it alot...the cartoon blog about poor Tomas was clever and funny and the msquared2 blog was interesting....Keep up the good work and try to fix the blog sidebar so you can capitalize on your adsense.

Busy Guy

If you are into deep and involved blogs then this blog's for you. No doubt Jack can write, but his writings are almost technical and straight forward, full of thought and very methodical. Not that there's anything wrong with this :) All joking aside this blog is well written and should be as JAck is a professional freelance writer. He is clearly busy with his writing and clearly love to write. Nothing critical to say here. No doubt Jack will be a heavy presence in the blogoshere for years to come.

Devion writes his blog based on a great idea. That idea is we all need that little extra push...that little extra something to motivate us to get over that hump in life. This blog, although new, has a lot of potential to become a powerhouse in the blogging community for this simple reason. People love advice and positive people. Why do you think Doctor Phil and Opera are so successful. The blog has all the right marks with a counter and revenue...all it needs is some more fat. Keep the content flowing and fatten up the blog a little more is all the advice I have to offer. Nice job.

Mellon Cutter Musings

Mellon Cutter here uses the blog in all the right ways...I think it is a good thing to see that if you are going to blog then do it right....Cutter has his sitemeter...some advertisements...and some good writing...All the right things that make the blog world go round. I noticed you play guitar in your profile...are you in any kind of band...? Keep up the good work cutter!

Innocent Lie

Don't let the title of this blog fool you...yes it's about arthritis and having a knee replacement, but it is also full of lot's of good stories and ideas....There is a feature called Friday 5's where Cathy picks 5 blogs and comments on them...and an interesting idea about gathering bloggers, giving them a story title, and letting each blogger write a story about that title and comparing notes...lots of good stuff here...Keep the blog rolling by all means Cathy....don't get discouraged about the loss of the arthritis to write about...the ideas you've come up with so far are fantastic!!!

Where's Les

The staff at WTIT radio decided to do a smart thing in February of 2006 and that was to start a blog promoting their radio station. This 40 year project shows no signs of slowing down and is a cool idea. You get to the blog via the above website and I suggest looking at both...good stuff!

Pretentious narcissistic misanthrope vents.... question is this...Why haven't you been marketing this character to the BBC. What a fantastic and witty blog. If not a Television show then a book. I think this blog would be a great way to continue to develop this character and then take it to the right people. Excellent writing...Witty...Interesting...Clever. I'll definitely be checking back in with this blog...Great job!

contrary woman

Mary does what most bloggers strive to do on a regular basis and that is post and post regularly. This is a perfect example of a pure blog journal based on the daily life of Mary from Ft. Wayne, ID. Only criticism I have is site meter. If you are going to keep a blog that you want people to read then it makes sense to put a way to track your visitors. Other than that it is a good blog. Written well and flows nicely. Nothing off the charts exciting, but not boring or eye bleed material, just a nice blog about daily life. Good work!

If I knew then what I know now

When I was in high school I kept a bunch of the marble copybooks that I wrote in and then I finally got a was some dinosaur called ATARI computer or something like that with an archaic word processing program and a dot matrix printer. But when you are young it's cool to do anything new. Peanut here keeps a blog of all kinds of stuff from quizzes to personal experiences and everything in between. Lots of pictures a site meter and good content. A little scatter brained in my opinion, but if you ever looked at a high schoolers copybook there is usually no space in it as it's been doodled upon and written on and all that kind of it's nothing to worry about or be upset's you're blog and that's all that matters. Good Job!

Through the eyes of an artist!

What a beautiful blog. Pleasing the eyes since July 2005. I have a personal soft spot for artists because my uncle was a painter in New York with his specialty being Marine Art, mostly boats and the big ships. My personal favorite is your Give Peace a Chance...It reminds me of Dali and Miro. The blog is fantastic and gives another angle to this world of bloggers. Some criticism...I didn't notice a site meter to see how many visitors you are getting which I think is important and the link to your other web site is broken. I would put your website link in the section of your favorite blogs on the top and in capital letters to draw attention to it. Capitalize on your creativity. Nice job.


Flock Entrprize

Cool site...very busy looking...I like the team writer concept...I love football and betting...I love the overall feeling of the blog....Moving forward this can turn into a real repeat offender in terms of readership...You have all the right tools with regards to site meters and the such....but why no Adsense or some other type of advertisements...The adsense crawler would eat your site up sending you betting sites and the write up you had on the Nike sneaker and the Ipod...etc...I think this is missed revenue on your part...All that aside it's a good project and I will be keeping track of your football picks :)

Straight outta Noida

Here's a blog written by a teen in India with goals of getting into IIT...his IQ is charted as genius which makes it pretty sure that his goals will be met. IIT I assume is the equivalent to the American MIT, also tough to get into. It sounds like he's a typical teenager with typical teenage friends with the typical teenage stress, with the typical teenage problems. The only difference is that he is from India. Wouldn't it be cool to capitalize on this fact and give more of an insight into the culture and differences that might exist for a Teen from India. Just a personal suggestion... as far as the blog goes I think it is good but geared more towards other teens with a lot of the "F" bomb being dropped which kind of lends itself more to a "Myspace" feel. Not that there is anything wrong with any of this...don't take it the wrong way...Your blog can go in a lot of directions especially with you being so young and your blog being so young having just been started in the summer. So experiment with your blog and if you think my advice is not good advice then do whatever you feel you should do. The beautiful thing about blogging is that it's free and it's an outlet for you to freely express yourself however you want. Nice work! Keep Blogging.

Side note

Just want to say agian thank you for all your kind comments and thanks again to Bobby from I am chipping away at each email I have recieved and will critique each and everyone. I feel lucky to be able to read and comment on these blogs you send...I get to do all the things I like doing...blogging and writing...

the wonderful world of nothing

Fellow rat pack lover Mike writes, in my opinion, a great blog about nothing...Entitled...The Wonderful World Of Nothing. Fact is... it a blog about a lot of things...cleverly written and well done. It has to be giving the fact that Mike's blog has pulled over 1600 readers since just August. I really believe that lot's of the bloggers I review should go out to your local book store and pick up a copy of The Writer's Market and start submitting articles to some magazines. Keep up the good work Mike....I;m glad to have the opportunity to read so many great works.


I love this blog! I just spent some time reading and answering alot of your questions...I left out the stripper name though :) Anyway...what a great way to capitalize on the comment section by asking interesting questions and at the same time giving a glimpse into you own life with your own answers. Very interesting...Great idea... Looks to be a new blog so I hope you plan to continue to post and blog...nice job!

Who Writes?

I may have jumped the gun just giving an honorable mention in my last post in regards to Mimi's other blog...I took a quick look at it after I published the last post and the quick look turned into a closer look and look what I found...
Mimi Writes...
Leather and Locks

"I've been blogging for 40 years.
In a little leather diary with a tiny lock and key. Deep dark secrets stuffed under the mattress.
My mother never found it. The three nosy siblings I shared a room with never found it. I hope. The juicy stuff was encrypted anyway; not even my best friend knew the code.
Scandals ran amuck in my Barbie doll world. Highly classified information between neatly lined pages; written under the cover with purple pens and buttered popcorn. Trying not to breathe or rustle the leaves and wake up my sister, who went to sleep hours before my nocturnal musings began. "
How true is this excerpt from Mimi's blog? As I've been saying...blogging is such a new media form that is touching people's lives in so many is just another example. Aside from that I have to say hat's off to this blog...I think if the format you are toying with takes off it will be cool to watch it grow...Keep on blogging!


For all you singers out there you recognize the title as a pitch finder...Mimi, a musician herself and a freelance writer has a unique blog that delves into the realm of personal ads with a twist...her own twist. Mimi puts her two cents in and makes a blog that both entertains and makes you smile. Nice job. If you liked this blog then check out Mimi's other blog Also curious...being a trombone player myself...what kind of musician are you?


Writers Write

Ian's blog is a great advertisement for his passion( I can't say hobby because he's been published) of writing. Take no offense to this next statement, but every time I think of writers and writing, in regards to the novel, I think of the Billy Crystal movie, Throw Mama From The Train. This movie is a comedy about lots of things but what sticks out in my memory was the following..."The night was moist". Having said that I think that Ian's blog is once again the perfect example of the greatness of this media outlet. Here is a professional writer who gets to expose his writing to the world for all to read. I, myself, will be checking back in to read his 100 day novel and I suggest you do the same. Right on!

Patience is a virtue

Thank you to everyone who has and who is forwarding their blogs to be linked and reviewed. I will critique each one and post the comments and link your blog. It will take a day or so. Thank you for your understanding as I like to read each blog thoroughly and give a fair critique.

Billy Mac

In it for the long haul...

Tuesday, February 18, 2003Well, here I am. My first blog. Never in my life have I done any kind of journal before. So I'm not really sure what to do. I don't even know if I'll be able to keep this up. I tend to work things out internally.
Click the envelope to e-mail this post by: Kevin / 2/18/2003 10:46:34 PM

That was Kevins first dive in to the deep dark waters of two and a half years later Kevin has lot's of posts under his belt...18 other blogs linked to his blog (in alphabetical order I might add) and a site meter with some healthy traffic reports. I'd have to say that Kevin's doing a fine job of journaling the way it supposed to be done with personal stories and funny ones all at the same time. One bit of criticism and I hope you won't take this the wrong way...but if the problems in your earlier posts were present why don't you take advantage of your blog by using adsense and some other affiliates to make some extra cashola? You have the have a good can capitalize on that. All that aside great job...keep up the good work and keep blogging!


In flip this body there is some definite eye catchers when it comes to story and flow. Body transformation is always a cool thing and the blog has some pictures of weight loss that are fantastic in my opinion...I guess this is where I admit that I'm trying to flip my own body and lose weight. Julie does a great job of entertaining with her writing where her creativity shines thru in each post! Being an actress is easy to understand as you read through the posts where you can almost sense what kind of mood Julie is in. On a personal note I have to say great find for the splenda flavored coffee..."You have a great taste in television" - Denny Crane. This brings me to my next important comment inspired by Denny and it is this. If you ever get any criticism about what you've blogged about or opinion you posted and people ask why you'd dare print such a thing, simply reply..."Because my name is on Blog"- (again) Denny Crane.

Last but not least I took the liberty of quoting an excerpt from your blog that rings true for a lot of bloggers and is part of what I preach in some other posts.

Julie writes:"Wow! That last post was my 100th post. Yay! It's only been about 2 months since I've started blogging, and man, has it been fun. I've met so many great people and I have found my passion for writing again. Yahoo!!! "

Sums it all up in my opinion


It was an exciting honor to receive the email yesterday that I was chosen to be today's Bestest Blog of the Day. I have received many congratulations and lot's of emails requesting critiques which I will do over the next few days, so have patience. I want to thank Bobby for the flattering "critique" of my blog and in true Critique my Blog fashion I'd like to also say that The Bestest Blog Of The Day is truly a pioneering blog that has proven it's power to drive traffic to people's blogs. As I've said in the past...the whole reason we blog is to be read and it is sites like Bobby's that bring a certain legitimacy to our writing. It is clear the appreciation and high regards that bloggers hold for Bobby and the BESTEST BLOG OF THE DAY and it is a well deserved appreciation. So hat's off to Bobby for the hard work (and it is hard work to edit and maintain a blog in general let alone an involved blog like Bobby's) and if you haven't had the pleasure to explore the BESTEST BLOG OF THE DAY then I highly recommend it.


What CRITIQUE MY BLOG is all about

When I started out with this blog back in August my intentions were to set up a place where bloggers could go to read up on information and advice about blogging and also to offer a critique for people who wished to have their own blogs reviewed on the front page of my blog. After the review the blogger's link was added to my side bar so that other people who visited later on down the line could check out the review.

I personally get a lot from blogging and I think it's a great outlet creatively and emotionally for a lot of people. The whole reason most people blog is to be read. Think of all the want-to-be writer out there years ago who never had a way to be published, but they loved to write and create. Along comes the blog and now people of all ages, races, and nationalities can express themselves as they please. When you think about's amazing.

I surf the blogosphere and read lots of blogs, it's amazing the scope of topics that are out there and the care and time people put into their blogs. So my idea was to help promote this fantastic form of media via my simple blog.

I urge others who would be interested in having their blog critiqued to email me at and put in the topic "read my blog"

Rich Nerd?

Here's an interesting blog if it is true. This cat claims to be blogging by the pool and living the large life making his money from the internet. It looks to be a brand new blog and fact or fiction, it proves to be good reading. Guess it makes you think twice about picking on the four eyed dork in the school yard...more power to ya!


Blogs, Blogs, Blogs! What They Are, and Why They Matter.

Blogs, Blogs, Blogs! What They Are, and Why They Matter.
by Trey Pennewell

I remember that it was not that long ago that I did not know what a blog was or what one was for. Now blogs are everywhere and anyone with a computer and Internet access may be writing one. If you are new to this whole blog phenomenon let me explain a little about what a blog is. Blog's got their name from combining two words "Web log" to make one word, "blog".
For most people, blogs started out as something like an online diary for friends and relatives to read. Instead of going to the trouble of sending out individual emails to all of your friends and relatives to let them know how things are going in your life, you could simply write a blog for all of them to view. This way everyone could know all of the interesting developments in your personal life and you could save time and energy by not writing to everyone individually. This was the origin of blogs. Oh how far we have come since then.

Blogs then grew into marketing devices, ways to get revenge, and methods of raising awareness on important issues. Some of the more famous blogs are ones written by current disgruntled employees of large corporations. These large corporations, such as Microsoft, have been scrambling to deal with the bad public relations created by these blogs written by angry employees.

There are many ways that you can set up a blog. Whether you want to use a blog for professional or personal reasons you can find a service to help you out. Many companies have been scrambling to create blogging software for consumers. However, there are also many blogging sites that will let you use their software for free. Of course, the software that you have to pay for comes with many added features that the free blogging software does not include.

Online businesses are beginning to realize the impact that a blog can have on their business and the number of people that they can get visiting their websites. Blogs generate new text on a regular basis, depending on how often you update it, which helps in search engine rankings. The major search engines such as Google and Yahoo give higher rankings to websites that have regularly updated content. Blogs make this happen in a very simple manner. The only trick to all of this is to make sure that your blog is directly accessible from your homepage. This is a rather simple process of changing some of the HTML coding.

By using a blog to add new content on a regular basis saves you the trouble of redesigning your entire website every time you want to add content. It would not be realistic to go in to your website a few times a week and change the content because it is so much work. However, a blog will accomplish this for you in a matter of minutes. Some website owners have taken the blogs even further and incorporated keyword densities into their blogs. This further aids the websites search engine rankings and helps to drive more potential customers to the website. As you can see, having a blog on your website can offer a great deal of benefits.

In addition to the fact that you can increase your search engine rankings with a blog, many people may come back to visit your site on a regular basis just to see what new information you have to offer them by way of your blog. For example, if your blog offers weekly updates on what is new in your product or service line, a potential customer may be interested but does not make a purchase today. Then this potential customer returns in a week to read your blog and continues to do so until he or she reads something in your blog that convinces he or she to go ahead and make the purchase.

Blogs are very versatile marketing tools. You can update your blog with industry news, news about your particular company, new product offerings, or new services that you are providing. Any of these methods, or a combination of them, can be extremely effective in closing a sale on a potential customer who is sitting on the fence.

No matter how you choose to employ blogs to improve your website, always be sure that you have connected your blog to your website in an easy to read and easy to find format. Link your blog to your homepage so that visitors do not have to search for it. If you can customize your blog template to look just like the rest of your website, then your visitors can move between your blog and your website with the feeling that they have not left one to enter the other.

Blogs have grown enormously over the past year and all indications are that they will only continue to grow. Blogs are more than a passing Internet fad; they are successful business tools that are already being utilized by many successful webmasters.
Market Day


Cancer News

This blog covers news and information about cancer. Informative and up to date news about one of the most horrible problems in todays world.


The truth is God works in mysterious ways. This rings true in Kami's blog about life and their trials and tribulations as they go through life as a family. The blog reads like a made for TV movie that has a happy ending. Any one who has had a monster in law will like this blog with the twist in the end being a gift from God. I smell a Hallmark Hall OF Fame movie. Nice job with the blog....keep posting....and keep your readers up to date with the relationship with your father in law. I think you'll find a lot of return readers coming back for more!


I was looking back at some of the previously reviewed blogs and came across Janajee's blog. Looks like night and day and I actually got to read some of the posts which I found to be interesting and deep. The blog is unique and written with what looks to be a following of readers. The only advice I would offer is that you add some kind of site counter so you can see how many people are visiting your site and reading it, you obviously care very much about your blog and put a lot of work into it and it would be cool to see that your work is being read. is blogger friendly and one you might want to use, but there are tons of others out there. Good luck....keep posting...and keep up the good work!


Amish paradise!

Weird Al Yankovic had a song out in the 80's or 90's where he sang a parody to a song and titled it Amish Paradise. The video was straight stereotype and portrayed an image of ridged men and woman being Amish. Thank the Lord Lue came along to set the record straight! As great as the last blog was I critiqued I'd have to say that this blog about Lue and her husband Bert who both left the Amish faith and now writes a blog about here everyday life and the adventures that present themselves to her family on a daily basis. A well written and interesting this blog is, it is equally...well...nice. For lack of a better word let's use nice. Lue ends each post with something she is thankful for which reflects her strong Christian background and says a lot about her as a person. I have a double motive for liking this blog in that I worked for some time on the road in Lancaster County Pennsylvania and have been stuck in many a"buggy jam" on the back roads of the area. It was some of the most relaxed times driving I've ever experienced. I loved driving along watching the farmers do their work and the Amish people's kind ways. Anyway. Job well done on the blog Lue. I highly recommend having a peak.

What Blogosphere is all about!

Here is one of the finest blogs I've come across in a long time! It's purpose of being a journal that captures the daily life of a family, a rather large family, is outlined so well. The writing is both enjoyable and natural and flows effortlessly. The blog is full of great pictures and items that look to have been scanned in. It has lots of other "extras" that gives the blog a fun feel and it is clear that the author gives a lot of attention to the blog. Hat's off to this blogger for having fun with a media outlet that is in it's infancy, job well done!

Autism Blog

Autism affects many children in this country and the world...This blog deals with the latest news and information as well as inspirational stories and poems dealing with this very special topic.


Email Updates!

I've added a feedblizt box on the right under the link section. If you want to sign up for E-mail updates of this blog then click and sign up. I appreciate it.



So far all the blogs I've reviewed in a positive fashion, janajee's blog, I regret, I'll have to be more critical. I thought it was very tough to navigate needing a GPS system to even get into the content. The writing was good and the blog itself was cool, definitely one of the most creative blogs in blogspot I've seen so far, but it can be the coolest blog in the world, if it can't be navigated easily then readers won't come back. I think it can become a kick ass blog if it were configured a little differently.


Blogging for big bucks
It's not just a hobby -- some small sites are making big money. Here's how to turn your passion into an online empire.
By Paul Sloan, and Paul Kaihla Business 2.0 Magazine
August 22 2006: 6:10 AM EDT

(Business 2.0) -- Michael Arrington is a partying kind of guy. While showing off his home in Atherton, Calif., he boasts about how he crammed 500 people into his one-acre backyard at a bash in February. Then there are the official parties, like the one he threw last Friday at August Capital, a nearby venture firm. Weeks ago, Arrington posted an open invitation on his website at 3 a.m. By sunrise, all 500 spots were taken; the onslaught of traffic crashed his site.

Arrington, a 36-year-old entrepreneur behind a long list of unrecognizable startups, has suddenly become one of the rising stars of Silicon Valley. Why? The answer lies in TechCrunch, Arrington's blog about new technologies and companies. In the year since he launched the site, he's become a go-to person for VCs and tech execs looking to leak corporate tidbits or announce news. More than 1.5 million readers regularly check out his site.

Michael Arrington's TechCrunch has seen a 10-fold rise in revenue since the start of this year.

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But here's what gives Arrington real distinction: He's pulling in $60,000 in ad revenue every month. That's 10 times what the site was making earlier this year, which was when Arrington, convinced of the potentially monstrous riches ahead, quit his day job as president of a startup to blog full-time.

Real businesses, real money
With Internet-like speed, blogs have gone from self-indulgent hobbies to flourishing businesses. Real businesses, with real revenue streams from real advertisers.

Boing Boing, a four-person operation that bills itself as a directory of wonderful things, is on track to gross an estimated $1 million in ad revenue this year. The digital-media news site, headquartered in the second bedroom of a Santa Monica apartment, is set to post even more than that.

And, a site packed with sophomoric humor run by a lone guy in Lexington, Ky., is on pace to become a multimillion-dollar property. In short, some of the most popular blogs, long the bane of the mainstream media, are themselves becoming mainstream.

What has changed? For starters, blogs today are so cheap to create and operate that a lone blogger or a small team can, with the ever-expanding reach of the Internet, amass vast audiences and generate levels of profit on a per-employee basis that traditional media companies can only fantasize about.

At the same time, advertisers - shunning old-line media in favor of the Web - are discovering the unique power of blogs. Blogs have become our guides to a content-saturated world. As such, their recommendations are highly valued by readers - which naturally has made advertisers take notice.

In recent months, big-name companies like Banana Republic and Coca-Cola (Charts) have for the first time run ad campaigns on blogs, in the belief that blog communities often consist of concentrated numbers of the passionate and influential people all marketers want to reach. Intel bought its first blog ad in March; now all its ads run on blogs as well as traditional outlets. Says Thom Campbell, head of media strategy for Intel (Charts), "The audience on blogs is the cream of the crop."

But before you quit your day job, consider that this isn't easy money, nor is it guaranteed to last. For one thing, the market is small right now: Web ad agency Organic puts ad spending on blogs at $40 million this year. Bloggers are typically selling only about a third of their available ad space at top rates. (The rest goes at heavily discounted prices.)

Still, the blogging-for-dollars phenomenon is only in its infancy, and already blog ad spending is roughly twice what it was last year. With overall Web advertising expected to grow by 50 percent to $23.6 billion in 2010, it's certain that more and more ad dollars will land on blogs.

For a growing cadre of bloggers, the opportunities to score fat profits from pumping out posts on whatever their particular passions might be are widening - and one consequence could be a radical reshaping of our notions of how to build a successful media company.

I'm with the band
Trying to provide those opportunities has become the mission of a host of would-be blog entrepreneurs. John Battelle, a founding editor of Wired magazine and the creator of the now-defunct Industry Standard (as well as a freelance columnist for Business 2.0), was working on a book about Google (Charts) when he had an epiphany: Bloggers were building huge audiences for free. Yet even popular bloggers couldn't make a living full-time; existing networks like Google and BlogAds weren't paying enough.

Battelle figured he could find out which bloggers were already generating heavy traffic, and then serve as a middleman between them and advertisers. He launched his startup, called Federated Media Publishing, last fall with seed money from the New York Times Co (Charts). and eBay (Charts) founder Pierre Omidyar.

Battelle compares FM's model to a record company. He and his team are the band managers; the bloggers are the bands. The key difference is that bloggers own their content, earning 60 cents of every ad dollar.

He has signed about 75 of the most popular bloggers of various stripes, and hopes to land a few hundred in all. FM's eight-person sales force has been aggressively approaching big marketers, armed with detailed and persuasive demographics.

And Battelle believes, a collection of reader-submitted links to amusing videos, jokes, and curiosities from all over the Web, could become the most profitable site in mainstream blogdom. Already it vies with FM stablemate MetaFilter for the top spot in blog traffic rankings.

Any downturn in the economy and ad market will, of course, hurt bloggers. The sheer numbers of blogging-for-dollars artists charging into the game could also muddy the market and put pressure on ad rates.

Still, it's far easier to weather a downturn when your costs are next to nothing. Plus, many players are diversifying, even within the blogosphere. "I know that I'm riding the Web 2.0 wave," says Arrington. Now he's preparing for a day when the wave crests.

He just launched a gadget site and staffed it with a former writer for Gizmodo. He has plans for a gaming site and a site devoted exclusively to analyzing heavy-duty enterprise software. Even as he expands, however, he expects to keep his expenses - now about 12 percent of revenue - at no more than 30 percent. And occasionally there are bonuses.

With little effort, Arrington got dozens of sponsors, mostly Web 2.0 startups and VCs, to bankroll the party he held Friday at August Capital. So after a night of revelry, Arrington had pocketed an extra $50,000. Now that's something to blog about.



Affiliates revisited

I talk a lot about affiliates and monetization on peoples blogs and other than adsense, some bloggers might be in the dark as to how many affiliate programs there are out there to choose from. I've gotten together some affiliates and link programs that are easy to sign up for and easy to ad to your site to gain some money. Here are some to check out: Click Bank,
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Les Mis

Richard from Georgia writes, "These are the the 3 simple steps you will need to follow in order to communicate your desires to the universe and then, through the law of attraction, to have your wishes granted. They are the secret to abundance in all things. Health, Wealth, Love, Romance, Work, Happiness. Learn how to use them and have fun with your new abundant life. This is the law of attraction." This is the beginning of a beautiful blog! Content rich, using the amazon associate affiliate to make a few bucks, the only thing missing in my opinion is a site counter to track his traffic. I like his taste in books (money) and his taste in music, don't worry about like Les Miserables...there are a lot of closet "show tuners" out there. That musical is one of the best. Waiting to see Spamalot here in Philly. Anyway, back to your blog, keep the content flowing and steady and I think you'll do great. I really enjoyed reading your blog and I think others will too. Well done.


Outlet for frustration!

Here's alittle side note since I have a platform to vent....I am having our annual block party and the bees are attacking. Any kind of soda or beer is attracting bees from as far away as Russia!!! Is there no peace for a man with a bee phobia!!! on.

Planning and Posting

Starting a blog often times goes like this...You look thru some blogs..Think that it looks cool...And you sign up on BLOGGER or Wordpress or wherever...And in a minute and a half you have a blog...That's ok except for one thing. There is no direction. Take your blog to the next level by planning out your posts and doing some basic housekeeping. For instance in blogger, don't just leave the Google news, Edit me, Edit me, section the way they are. I so often come across great blogs with good content that is kept up to date with posts and see that they have no links in that section. Put a few links to web sites that have something in common with your topic. If you are blogging about investing then link to the DOW Jones or Wall Street Journal. Another thing is if you have a bunch of ideas running thru your head then write out the articles and save them, but don't publish them, this way if you are having writer block a few days down the road you can pull from your arsenal of posts and publish one from there. It's all about keeping the content fresh and posting on a daily basis. Don't be lazy, it only takes a few minutes.


Next Blog

I often will sign onto my blog and then click the top right hand corner button "next Blog" and just surf other people's blogs. It is amazing to see the thought and time people put into their works. It's clearly such a great outlet for people to jot down their thoughts and ideas on a form of media that actually gets read on a regular basis. Being such a new technology it will be interesting to see how the blogosphere grows in the future.

New Zoo Review

Holy Garbonzo Beans Batman! We've got live one here. Bloggsend is an unusual look into the mind of probably everyone, although no one would admit it. It is full of funny one liners and short thoughts, you can almost imagine someone sitting at a desk and a little blurb bubble pops out of their mind and you see a post off of bloggsend. I'd suggest starting from the first post and read forward, very fun, very bazaar, and thought provoking at the same time. Insightful and scatter brained all at the same time. Full of content and heavily read as indicated by the counter. Why no adsense or some other means of using an affiliate? With such rich content and lots of readers you could make a few dollars I bet. All that aside...keep up the good work and keep posting...I believe you keep alot of folks smiling and scratching their heads at the same time daily.