Happy Thanksgiving

Getting ready to cook the the Thanksgiving Day Parade...and football....wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving Day!



I've noticed a strong trend and this blog brought that trend back to my brain. That trend is that there are very few husband, dad, or male blogs in general out in the least none that have come across my in-box. There's been a few, and the few that have come across have been very well done and entertaining, both of which you can say for THE FUN HUSBAND. Just the title itself should have housewives clicking through and guys wondering what it's all about. Recently it's been Boobs and Thanksgiving. Layout and content are spot on and it's a blog that I can see revisiting from time to time, which says alot. Hats off to The Fun Husband and may your blog be bouncing for many years to come. Keep up the good work!

A Spoonful of Chocolate Sistah

Waiting in the wings since October has been Nicoyle's blog. It was worth the wait on my end as this blog has all the right bells and whistles I look for in a blog. The layout is fantastic, the content is all there and the opportunity for monetization is taken. Blogs offer a fantastic tool for expression and creative outlet, both of which are clear in Nicoyle's blog. Very nicely done and have a fantastic Thanksgiving! Keep the blog rolling!


Bargain Avenues

Karen brings us an interesting blog for all you ebay and flea market addicts out there. The concept of this blog is informational as well as interactive, which I love. If you are located in eastern Connecticut or Rhode Island, Karen encourages you to send her some info on what you are selling online and she'll post a link or story. I guess I have only one criticism, with all this knowledge and information, you yourself must also have ebay and antique selling avenues, and I do not see any links to your own info. I think a blog is a fantastic way to promote other business avenues, as well as a way to inform and express yourself. Other than that I enjoyed the blog and found it very interesting, having been an ebay enthusiast myself for a while. Best of luck and keep up the great work! Happy Thanksgiving.


LL World Tour-Just a Girl In The World

Every once in a while a blog comes along that makes me feel a little bit envious. This blog comes to us via New Jersey...via New York...via South Carolina...via Chicago...via the World! Not sure if it happened all in that order or not...what I do know is that LL has put together a blog that reads like a travel guide/novel/diary with all the greatness that you would expect in all of the above. Back to my slight envy. Who wouldn't want to quit their 9-5 job and travel the world. That is just exactly what LL has done, documenting every bit of it in this hard to put down novel (if it were a novel) or should I say hard to click out blog. The writing flows, offering an easy read that keeps your interest, which is what a blog is supposed to do. One thing I recommend is actually going back to LL's first post and read forward to get the full flavor of this exciting and interesting blog. As far as any critique of the blog I have to say I fall short other than offering the positive critique you see above. Not much to fix here. Best of luck with your blog, life and travel!!

My Father's Daughter

Here is a well designed blog about a topic I have visited on more than a few occasions, but could never really wrap my brain around or seem to find the time to do. Genealogy. The blog itself has everything I look for in a blog. Layout, Monetization, and Content, all of which Sunday Girl's blog possesses. Although only a few months old, My Father's Daughter is well on it's way to being what most bloggers look for, one that is read! Nice job and keep the blog rolling!