Alexa Experiment

Has anyone ever wondered about their alexa score? People are starting to get familiar with their google rank and Technorati rank...etc. I am asking anyone who visits this site on a regular basis or any new bloggers who are submitting to get their blog critiqued to do me a favor at your convenience. So to Alexa and at the top is a web search box (looks like googles or aol's) Type in like you would any other browser and then my blog should be at the top with the title "blogger" then click through that link to my blog. I want to see if that helps the alexa ranking and if it will fix their recording of sites linking in. I know I have more that 16. Thanks a million and if you want I will return the favor...just leave me a comment here that you are doing it with your blog addy....also...if anyone out there knows any way to improve that ranking let me know. Thanks for your help.


Pickled Eel said...

Mmmm, not sure what happened there. Pasted and clicked as you suggested and blog came to top but with Critique My Blog at the top rather than "Blogger". Clicked through anyway. Will watch to see what happens.

Richard said...

One thing that seems to have also helped and I don't remember if I have posted it or not is to put the Alexa widget in the sidebar. There are several that can be used and they return data to Alexa as is your visitors had the tool-bar. So I have been told anyway :>