Optics Planet Site Review-Pay per post.

Tired of playing top price for crappy glasses from those box stores where you pick your expensive frames off the wall where you only have a small selection to begin with, then you have to wait forever to get the prescription filled, then you have to go all the way back there to pick them up? I've worn glasses my whole life and I dread having to go for my exam and go through the motions. Optics Planet offers you a huge selection of top brand and designer frames for a whole lot less than the box stores...best thing is it's fast and simple. Surf Optics PLanet's web site before you go for your exam to see what frames you like...go to your eye doctor for your exam...bring the exam paper back home and follow the easy to understand guidelines that Optics Planet offers to get your prescription filled and your frames will be delivered right to your home! Optics Planet also offers brand name sunglasses and prescription sunglasses as well. It's a win win situation all around. My next prescription refill will be with Optics Planet. Did I mention the free shipping and knowledgeable customer service staff? If you wear glasses or you are a fan of sunglasses, you have to check them out today!

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