Any apples blog review

New to the blogging world with only two months under her belt, Frigga, brings us her blog entitled Any Apples...a blog of first drafts. I like this blog because it is to the point, the writing keeps you interested, and the posts are short quips and not long and drawn out. It works great for this kind of blog. The blog is simple and not over run by too much stuff which keeps the reader concentrated on the writing. I noticed her blog counter is reading only 75...I know we can do better than that...this blogging community is all about supporting other bloggers and so I say we all go over to Any Apples and take a bite...say hello...and get that ticker going in the right direction...keep up the good work Frigga and lots of luck to you...keep the blog rolling!

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FRIGGA said...

Thank you for reviewing my blog!! It was very exciting to come home tonite, turn on my computer and see your response. =)