Blog Critique for Sayers Smiles

Here's a cool blog that comes to us from Florida by Sayer...her blog revolves around her family and life. It's a very simple blog with nothing but posts placed on it which gives it a calming effect. I love both kinds of blogs. Busy blogs like Skittles are fantastic and exciting...and simple blogs like Sayer's blog offers a blog where you can get to know the blogger and do what blogs are meant for...read them. Nice job and keep up the good work. Enjoyed it alot.


Sayre said...

Thanks, Billy! I'm always curious about how other people see my blog. It's meant as an open letter to family and friends, but then the strangers started stopping by and now I have Blog-Friends! It's been an interesting evolution.

Sayre said...

I wrote a post about your critique today - followed up with a "blogs I read and why" short list. I hope I can send some more business your way!