Through the eyes of an artist!

What a beautiful blog. Pleasing the eyes since July 2005. I have a personal soft spot for artists because my uncle was a painter in New York with his specialty being Marine Art, mostly boats and the big ships. My personal favorite is your Give Peace a Chance...It reminds me of Dali and Miro. The blog is fantastic and gives another angle to this world of bloggers. Some criticism...I didn't notice a site meter to see how many visitors you are getting which I think is important and the link to your other web site is broken. I would put your website link in the section of your favorite blogs on the top and in capital letters to draw attention to it. Capitalize on your creativity. Nice job.


Angela Ferreira said...

Dear Billy Mac,
Thank you so much for reviewing my blog and your comments.
I was surprise with your prompt response and your positive criticism.
Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Angela, that was fast huh? Now I am getting worried...:(