If I knew then what I know now

When I was in high school I kept a bunch of the marble copybooks that I wrote in and then I finally got a was some dinosaur called ATARI computer or something like that with an archaic word processing program and a dot matrix printer. But when you are young it's cool to do anything new. Peanut here keeps a blog of all kinds of stuff from quizzes to personal experiences and everything in between. Lots of pictures a site meter and good content. A little scatter brained in my opinion, but if you ever looked at a high schoolers copybook there is usually no space in it as it's been doodled upon and written on and all that kind of it's nothing to worry about or be upset's you're blog and that's all that matters. Good Job!

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Peanut said...

thanks for the review. My friends call me scatterbrained all the time....