Flock Entrprize

Cool site...very busy looking...I like the team writer concept...I love football and betting...I love the overall feeling of the blog....Moving forward this can turn into a real repeat offender in terms of readership...You have all the right tools with regards to site meters and the such....but why no Adsense or some other type of advertisements...The adsense crawler would eat your site up sending you betting sites and the write up you had on the Nike sneaker and the Ipod...etc...I think this is missed revenue on your part...All that aside it's a good project and I will be keeping track of your football picks :)

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Goose said...

Dude thanks so much for the review! I appreciate the stuff you said, good and bad. I'll take it into account!! I'll link up to your site since this concept you have going seems to be creating a bit of a buzz.