Under Pressure At Pembroke

I have to say that I love this blog for it's visual feast of mouth watering food presented artfully for all to see and read about. The about section of this blog reads as follows and I quote, "My kitchen and I are cooking our way through the Under Pressure cookbook by Thomas Keller ", but what I can't figure out is if these folks are culinary students at this prestigious Pembroke college that makes America look like a baby, after all, this College at Cambridge was founded in 1347, or is it written from the perspective of the actual culinary geniuses of the kitchen who are employed by the college? Either way I think it is a terrifically fun blog. My brother in law is an executive chef, and I love anything that has to do with food. This blot is presenting in an organized manner and is visually and textually interesting. Nice job. I wish I had smell-a-vision on this lap top computer of mine. Keep the blog rolling!


hotelswala said...

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Anonymous said...

So does this mean that the students get Michelin star food for lunch or would that be the " Fellows " ?