Going To My Head

There are a ton a blogs and websites out there that claim to critique a blog for mass amounts of money or to review your blog for cash, when I started my blog many years ago it was to help bloggers grow their readership and to offer advice where needed. I feel blogs are meant for expression, it's a piece of one's own self, and often times a window to one's soul. It's a journal, it's a story, it's joy and pain. It's a way to show off your stuff, and it's a way to get it all off your chest. It's a way to explain and it's a way continue on. Blogging is all that and more for some, and Going To My Head is all that wrapped up into one. This "nothing is going to hold me down" blog has a fire and attitude that comes across and jumps off the page, a peak into the life of one who is faced with a challenge and is facing that challenge head on. Inspiring and insightful, story starts at her first post. Nicely done...keep the blog rolling....and God Bless!

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