The Good News

In today's world it seems like everywhere you turn we are being pounded by information, news, and commentary. Most of it is negative, gut wrenching, and horrible. How many missiles have North Korea launched, what child has been swept away by a river current, how many perished in the latest earth quake. The simple fact of the matter is, bad news sells. It's no wonder people walk around all day in a fog and have become desensitized to the world around them. To life in general. I think that if you look, you can find the good news in the world, short clips on TV or a new paper article about how a few kids sold lemonade to help a neighbor out. Whatever the case might be.

The goal I have with this feature is going to be to try to find the good news and comment on it. You are what you eat and you feel what you absorb, and if you are absorbing negative things all day you are bound to be, well...bound up.

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Pass The Bread Please said...

I totally agree. It's all about staying positive ;-)!