Artwork By Diane

In Diane's post about change, it is easy to see that it's hard to say I can't do that or I'm too old to do that, at least in Diane's case. I'm amazed at the fact that she went back to college at age 48 to get a degree in teaching. Hats off to you for that simple fact alone!!! The courage to take her life into her own hands and change things for the better is inspiring and what a better way to spread the good word than with a blog. With this being a newer blog with a road of adventure ahead of her, I think it is safe to say that you will enjoy this blog that will both entertain and inspire. I give it two thumbs up out of four!


Artworks by Diane said...

Thanks, I appreciate your kind comments. I hope I get a following, I hate to talk to myself. Diane

Storm said...

Sounds like a fun blog. I'll be checking it out. Congratulations, Diane, on two thumbs up.

Anonymous said...

what's this blog supposed to be about dude, sounds really interesting, I'll check it out every few days, also, why would you talk the time to look at every single comment. I sure wouldn't. I delete all my old posts, that leaves me with one post on my blog every three days cause thats when I check it. My blog is- come check it out