Some Labor Day Critiques

First off I'd like to wish everyone a happy labor day and a fond farewell to summer. As I drink my morning coffee this Labor Day morning I started to go through my inbox and came across the following blogs. The Trouble With Everything is a blog about alot of things and I've found that it has some troubles itself. First and foremost is the fact that it is not by any means a consistent blog (Not that I can harp on this one too much lately) but I am talking about months at a time with no activity. You should try to keep some consistency while blogging so people will know that at least once a week you will have posted a new thought or story. The next thing I would do would be to add a sitemeter to see how many visitors you have coming into your blog. I would then edit out the Google News and Edit Me links in the link section and put in some other blogs of interest. Other than that the blog itself has some potential and has some interesting stuff.
Next we have Ashish's blog that is the opposite of our previous blogger. It has not many troubles, in fact, it is set up perfectly with interesting content and from the site counter, a decent following. Ashish has a good eye for the unusual and for interesting things and that is what you'll find in this blog. A definite blog to put into your "visit soon" file.
Last but not least is the blog called Good To Know It. It's well puzzling. Literally. This person is very into puzzles and that is what alot of this blog is about. It's very plain looking and not too many bells and whistles, but it has a dedicated blogger who loves his hobby and presents it well to the world.


Ashish. said...

Hey, thank you so much, Billy.
Appreciate it!

Cheers :D

phatcatholic said...

Hey, just two quick things I wanted to bring to your attention. First, your PayPerPost banner is directed to the wrong url. I thought you might want to fix that so that you can get paid ;)

Also, I sent you an email requesting a critique of my blog, but I don't know if you got it or not. In case you didn't, here's the url:

Also, I have a link to your blog at the bottom of my sidebar, in the form of a little rectangular button that has the words "critique blog" on it.


Jay Cam said...

Want to trade links? My site is

If you want to trade post my link the contact me back and I'll post yours!

a blue eyed girl said...

Hi Billy, are you still very behind on critiquing blogs? It's been a while since I requested you to critique mine. Thanks, Jen.

R2K said...

: )

purplehalo =) said...

hey..sent u email for the critique of my blog.don think youve got it..
so here it is.

thnks =)
and yea ill surely put up your blog on my blog roll! =)

Anonymous said...

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Sunil Kumar said...

Hi William, I have recently moved my blog to , Can you please change the link to show the correct name?