Homeland Integrated Security Systems
.0002/per share
  • Products include the Cyber Tracker, Cyber Rad, Cyber Shield, and Act Soft Software.
  • At the end of this quarter they had 25,000 dollars in cash on hand. You can check out their financial report here.
  • HISC has had positive press on various TV stations including HGTV over the years.
  • The cyber tracker is on the Nextel system.

HISC is one of those penny stock companies that offer a strong product line with some revenue behind them. At this time they are not setting the world on fire, but the company is in a positive spiral and there is some decent management behind it as well. I would look at the website and do your home work with this one. I can see this company doing a reverse split in the future do to its high volume of shares out there. Hopefully this won't be the case though. Possible share buybacks have been discussed in the past and hopefully this will be the path the management takes.

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mike said...

Can someone please look at the FRCN chart and news etc and help me make a better evaluation if this is a company that is going to pop soon or no? Looks to be promising with positive news but I’m pretty new to these penny stocks. Sentiments for FRCN please???