Old man

Love this blog written by the wife of a marine who is coming home! First off I must say thank you to this blogger and her husband for his service. My hat is off to your husband and it's a great thing you and your husband sacrificed. As for the blog I have to say it is perfectly set up with some great posts. I have to give a negative comment about your music player. These things scare the bajesus out of me as I blog is a quiet area and I also use my computer as a radio when I work the volume is turned up and when one of those automatic music players on a blog pops on I jump out of my skin. Great job with the blog and again thank you to your husband!

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AnnaMary said...

hahhaha My music player gets me too sometimes! I gotta check out if there's some sort of default volume thing-a-ma-jig. Thank you for your kind words!