Dr. Blogstein and Bobby Griffen

With all the drama surrounding Bobby's Bestest Blog I decided to have a listen to Dr. Blogstein's interview with him that was recorded on Wednesday. First of all...that was my first visit to Dr. Blogstein's blog. It won't be the last. What a fantastic and interesting idea. It is set up as a blog with witty and fun commentary...great posts and the best part is a "radio show" that he hosts with guests that call in. As I said this one I listened to was an interview, among other things, with Bobby Griffen from Bestest Blog and Bond from his BIG LEATHER COUCH was calling in with American Idol updates! He also had a guest "hostess" Jamie who was sitting in. I found the whole concept to be fantastic and the Doc has gained a new fan in Billy Mac. As for the interview with Bobby...I have two things to is if he ever decides to leave teaching he can still do improve comedy as a Ray Romano impersonator. I thought he sounded alot like Ray Romano. Second is that it's good to see all the "drama" has subsided and I look forward to his "grand re-opening" of Bestest Blog. Like Bond said on the interview...he was excited to get the email about being bestest blog and I felt the same way...I had just started Critique My Blog and Bobby's Blog catapulted me into the blogosphere full the point of burn out actually :) So having said all this I welcome everyone to stop by Dr Blogsteins (is you haven't already) and say hello and join the fan club!

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