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Today I started to fool around with to start a blog on that platform. I signed up with Bluehost and downloaded wordpress. It's not as easy to navigate as you'd think. I know people rave about how great it is but I find it alittle un-user friendly.I guess I have to do some more research. I'll also be started my own personal blog soon as I've stated before. Hopefully this weekend I'll launch that along with a neighborhood blog where I live. I wanted to thank everyone again who has donated to my blog. I added a donate button on my sidebar about a week or so ago and have gotten some good response. I have always done this as a service to the bloggers to help promote their blogs and hopefully to get them some more traffic and readers, but it is nice to get a little "monetary" thank you once in a while :)
Don't forget that Monetized Mondays is still open from week to week. So enter for this Mondays award and the chance to win the grand prize on memorial day!
I also wanted to thank again everyone who has submitted their blogs and who have referred others to here. I love to discover and read other people's blogs and to see the enormous creativity that people have. It's a nice thing to see the time and effort that everyone puts into their blogs. Well I'm going to get ready for American Idol. Wonder who will be axed tonight?

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