Happy Trees

This mother of 6 needs a day at the spa in my opinion...One of her 6 children is Charlie...a boy with autism. This hit home for me, not because I have a child with autism, but because my wife works as an autistic support teacher for the school district. The stories she brings home make you laugh and at times cry. This blog has alot about that topic from a mom on the front lines.
As for the blog itself...labels are taking over. I'd pick 5 or 10 and place each post in the closest label. If you blog about the day you had shopping have a label that is for bad days. You get the picture. I might even arrange you archives by month also...Aside from that I think you are doing a great job and you have one added reader in me. You might also want to think about adding a feedburner so people can sign up to your blog and they would be alerted as to when you update. Just some thoughts and suggestions. Keep the blog rolling!

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