Pay Per Post

I've been looking at alot of blogs and many have Pay Per Post on them. How does this work out? Is it paying off for people? I'm thinking about signing up for it because that is what I do-review.
I'm looking for ways to generate some revenue for this blog and would appreciate any advice from visitors to Critique My Blog. Place suggestions in the c0comment section and thank you for your advice and help.


Frank said...

Well I am getting paid everyday now that I am thru all the process. I even offer you 2.50$ in your paypal if you join and are thru my site!
(located at

Have a nice day!

Gene Bach said...

Don't have them on my blog...won't put them there.

As a reader I find them extremely annoying. My $.02.

Anonymous said...

I signed up with PPP one month ago tomorrow actually. My interest was piqued as many of the blogs I read were 'posties'. It didn't bother me any - some ads I read, some I scrolled through - no biggie, so I decided to join too. I really think it has a lot of potential - there are some amazing high paying opportunities coming up lately. And in all honestly, my blog traffic has tripled in the last month (it's pretty minimal anyway by blogging standards) but I had thought people would stay away, but that hasn't happened.

I've made almost $300 ($288 I think, and that's US funds so for a Canuck like me it's more!) in one month. Not too shabby IMHO.

BTW - you can review someone's post if you want to get started - earn yourself some money and submit your blog while you're at it.

The forums are a wealth of information - which is good, as PPP themselves don't offer much - you kind of have to figure things out for yourself.

I've rambled on enough, but if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email :-)

Skittles said...

I've been doing PPP for a little while now and I enjoy it. I post enough daily so that they don't overrun my blog.

I've made almost $400 so far and I know others that have made a lot more. (Bobby G. for example.)

I like having the money in my PayPal account so I can hop on Ebay whenever I want :)

Kara said...

I've made over $500 so far from it, but I hate that it has taken over my blog so much, I'm trying to find a way for readers to hide the ppp posts so they aren't in the way.