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Believe it or Shakespeare's time they had blogs, except they were formatted as plays. plays...can tell a story, and our boy John Chow's story is one of money and blog expertise! Internet and blog guru John Chow is one of the Market Makers (to steal a Wall Street term) of blog traffic and search engine optimization or SEO. You can say he is the "CEO" of link exchanges as that is exactly what he is doing here and across the blogosphere with a fantastic offer to exchange links for a review. With 300,000 page views a month it makes this idea enticing and a no brainer to help boost your traffic and improve your ranking in a number of ways.
Let me start by telling you how you can join this parade of bloggers. Go to John Chows page that discusses the rules of the link exchange and begin there. Then after you've done that then I'd say take a look around the site. It is full of articles about how to make money blogging. Having said that I must also point out that his blog is well rounded with posts about cars, investing, and even fine dining to name a few. He is also very open about his earnings in regards to his blog and I think that is both inspirational and informative.
There is no doubt that I'll be adding this blog to my favorite reads and will be educating myself with his wisdom and knowledge.

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Gili said...


I saw your review on John Chow’s site today and wanted to know if you would be interested in a review exchange. Please visit my site for some info on this ( Review my Blog ), and let me know if you are interested (by e-mail or by posting a comment).