A History of Critique My Blog and how it works

Critique my Blog was started in August of 2006 as an experiment to see just what this thing called blogging was all about. I started by surfing the blogosphere and commenting on people's blogs and offering to critique them on this linking to other blogs and being critiqued myself on Bobby Griffin's blog my traffic and requests for blog critiques grew quickly.
It was during the time of starting a new job that my time was restricted and was unable to dedicate the time this kind of site needed. I regretfully ended the blog in November and over the the months since then tried different formats to rejuvenate the blog.
I decided to return to the basics and start the blog up with the original format of personally critiquing your blogs. This is what I enjoyed the most and I truly believe that the blogging community is a unique group of people who show incredible talent and resources on a daily basis, and I love being able to promote this talent.
So to take advantage of Critique My Blog all you have to do is submit your blog to and I will review your blog and critique it in the format you see with the other blogs. All I ask is that you place a link to Critique My Blog on your sidebar.
I look forward to reading and commenting on all your blogs and keep on blogging!!!

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Kristen said...

Very interesting concept! I look forward to coming back and checking out the various blogs you visit.