"Ok So I am doing it- Getting into the newest craze of "Blogging". And I don't even know why- Maybe just to give me something to do each day- not like it has meaning or anything- but I used to write every days, pages and pages of thoughts and observances and feelings- and when I couldn't write I would carry around a hand held tape recorder and tape anything that came to mind - and now here I am 34 years old and stuck in the biggest rut- Maybe this will give me some other purpose- or, cripes I don't even know- I am just going to do it and maybe I will do it often enough to get my mind working again at full speed- get some creativity flowing again - something- anything.."

The above is the first post written by Jenna...this is a great example of the power of blogging...Some people say it can be addictive...like when AOL first came out and everyone spent time in the chat rooms and IM'ing people, others say it's an outlet and therapeutic, and others say it's fun to do. Whatever the reason it is clearly something that a lot of people do. Jenna's blog is full of stories about her life and kids...having kids myself I find some amusing...and she also incorporates poetry in her posts...nice job Jenna!

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