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First off let me say that I think you have a great blog. Like other posts in the past I've stated that you can get a sense of the blogger's personality and who that blogger is just by the way he or she writes and expresses themselves. I fell that you have a pretty good life...with great and close friends...close family...and you like to have fun. The blog is truly a good read. Some criticism now. You post alot of pictures. This is good and bad. Pictures are great, but too many slows down the readers computer as they load. If there is a reader who lives in a cave and is still using dial up....forget about it. Second...I would add a sitemeter so you can see how many fans you have out there. You have at least over 300 fans according to your profile viewed section. Next thing is because you added those picture boards or videos recently your sidebar is at the bottom of your blog and they didn't load for me...(might just be my computer) All that is just nuts and bolts stuff...the important thing is that your blog is a good clearly like to are interested in improving your blog for yourself and your readers...all which says you are moving in the right direction. Keep up the good work.

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Queenie said...

This is a fun little idea!
What are your credentials?