This is a blog with heart. A blog about Mom and her two little ones brings back memories for me as a dad with two little ones about the same age...It's funny how stories parallel parents stories from all over the world, we all think we have unique stories, but one one parents poop story is very easy to relate to. I laughed at one story post in this blog about a trip to McDonald's and how there was a bug spotted by the little one. I am an exterminator by trade and can say that there is a select few fast food restaurants I eat at.

On the critiques side of the coin I'd have to say that the blog is extremely well flows easily with colorful stories and sentiments and good character development. It is monitized by her e-bay link, but I think you can add some adsense to possibly pick up a few bucks. Nice job...I enjoyed your blog!

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Ms. W said...

Thanks for the gracious critique!