Power of Keywords

One of the most important tricks in internet marketing is that keywords are important for search engine ranking.

To get high search engine ranking, you need to discover what keywords your visitors use, and to avoid keywords which you will share with a lot of other websites.

One thing to remember is that your readers will use a variety of keyword combinations. To improve your search engine ranking you need to include all those possible variations.

For example, “keyword” can be typed as “keywords”, “Keyword”, or “keywords”. Wordtracker or another similar service can help you get all the terms you need so you can improve your search engine ranking.

Once you get your keywords, you need to use them frequently in your website so web crawlers will think that your site is relevant and automatically give you a higher search engine ranking. Of course peppering your article with keywords is not enough.

The position of your keywords is crucial to your search engine ranking. For example, using keywords in your title and at the start of the article gives a better search engine ranking than putting them at the end of the article. Your links should also either use your keyword or be surrounded by them—another trick to good search engine ranking.

But even if you use thousands of keywords in your website, if you are competing for a commonly used keyword then it would be difficult to get a good search engine ranking—competition is just too tough. In this case, it would be better to use a keyword which less websites use, so your search engine ranking improves.

How would you know which keywords would improve your search engine ranking? Aside from Wordtracker, you can try looking at the service you provide and the common situations or questions that would prompt people to do a search engine google search.

For example, someone researching on keywords is probably studying search engine ranking, improving search engine ranking, search engine ranking tips, and how to get higher search engine ranking.

Study these variations and incorporate them in your site, and you’ll achieve higher search engine placement just by modifying your keywords.

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