Who doesn't like music? Every human being on earth can hum their favorite song of you asked them, even if it is just one song. We all like music. Same can be said for our blogger today. A site dedicated to sound. A site that speaks to all genres, or at least a damn many of them. I love this blog because it keeps your interest, it is loaded with commentary and a visual aspect to boot. I also have to say that I am slightly biased as the keeper of the blog is a musician. I spent the better part of my life in a band playing in clubs and having fun. So naturally I love music, so it is easy for me to relate to a blog of this sort.
From a "technical" stand point. The blog is well organized and easy to navigate. Just the right amount of everything, not over bearing, not boring, just right.
A job well done from all perspective my musical friend. Keep up the good work and keep the blog rolling!!


TSotD said...

Thanks for the very positive critique!

I was wondering if you had any suggestions on what to improve upon? Is there something that bothered you that I may be blind to?

Skittles said...

Nice to see you at work critiquing again, Billy. :)

jonagusto said...

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Donna said...

my brother doesn't like music, can you believe that?

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