Blabber Girl


At first glance, Blabber Girl is busy and disorienting, like being lost in a crowd on the streets of New York at Christmas time around the tree at Rockefeller Center, but as you explore and navigate your ways down the side streets and nooks and crannies of the blog, you see some real substance and the idea and perception shine through. Some issues with linking within the blog itself, but this is more of the nuts and bolts, something for the techies to fix. As for creativity and the nitty gritty of the the writing itself, I found it to be entertaining. It's a cool blog with a reality show feel. Definitely worth a a visit and for it's target audience, I can see it becoming a daily read and growing into a successful blog.


BG "totally my real name" said...

busy and disorienting hah! Wonder if I should make it slow and with less. The linking issue just started it's being taken care of and not a big deal. Thanks for the review but, I think everyone will view it as some sort of lost puppy which really means I'd have to redesign and that would take forever!

Jesi Anvi said...

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