Many Moons Ago...

Many moons ago I was dedicated to a project that I started in August of 2006. It morphed into a blog that reviewed and critiqued over 800 blogs. The first blog I critiqued was a blog entitled,
Haphazard Happenstances, back on August 9th 2006. Before writing this entry I clicked onto her blog and found it to be just as refreshing and inviting as it was back when I first critiqued it, even better in fact.
Over the years I've made alot of acquaintances in the blog world, many of whom I have kept in touch with as I continued to blog ( , ), and many whom I have fallen out of contact with. One thing that remains constant is the bloggers undying love for this media outlet. It was this reasoning that I got into blogging to begin with and it was with this reason I began critiquing. Bloggers love what they do, clear and simple. So I decided to click onto my first blog passion and sign on to tap back into my creative side again and start to critique blogs whom ask to be critiqued. The reason I stopped with this project still remains, my work has taken me in a different direction where my time is very limited, so naturally I can not dedicate the time that I used to dedicate to Critique My Blog. I can, however, critique as time allows and get back into the world of discovery that is the blogesphere.

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