So I have something I have to admit here. The following is something I used to joke about in a wink wink nudge nudge sort of way when I was critiquing blogs last year. The blogs with the music song that starts automatically when you click on their link. Quite frankly...scares me to death. I listen to music through my computer often and the speakers are up...when I blog I do not listen to music, but my speakers are still up. IN the quiet of the day as I sit and blog away, and as I click on this fantastic blog to review it, I jump off my chair and spill my coffee all over the table as the song unexpectedly blasts my hair back. Yes I know...maybe I should lay off the coffee. Back to the blog.
As I start to read this blog one thing is clear and jumps off of the page at me...the blogger's love of life and her children. This is very refreshing to me to see and read and I think alot of readers will feel the same way as they read the posts of this well written blog. I love the post, Newborn's Conversation With God, a beautiful passage and a good indicator of what this blog is all about. You will get everything from the above link to down home real posts like, Tax Rebates...What You Need To Know. Check it out and enjoy.

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Storm said...

Thanks for the critique and kind words!