Fire Fighters

Keeping with the topic of "nice is good" that Barb from Skittle's Place put in my head, I was thinking about my week and some of the "nice" people I've come across. The first thing that came to my mind was how while I was riding from one of my sites to another, I came to red light and there in the street were fire fighters, boots in hand, collecting for Jerry's Kids! The Jerry Lewis Telethon is right around the corner and it warmed my heart to see these men and women who put their lives on the line day in and day out, giving more of themselves by collecting money for a fantastic cause! It's easy to see why little kids always say they want to be fire fighters when they grown up. It has to be because they are so trusted and looked up to. The same day I cam across a little traffic jam, as I passed the reason I saw a mini-van broken down in the left hand lane. In the cross street I saw a fire engine pulled over and off hopped a fireman who ran over and started to help the guy push his van off to the side. How great was that. This morning as I get ready to pour my first cup of coffee I will keep in mind all the nice things that happen in the world. Have a "nice" day!


soul&body said...

please critic mine!!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of firefighters, we lost 2 of New Yorks Bravest in a 7-alarm fire.

Check out my post to see the details,

I agree with you though, usually firefighters are very good people, not only the saving lives part, but of what they do off the job.

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You said...

I always like to see the firefighters out collecting donations and never fail to give SOMETHING, because I know they're doing something great. :)

By the way, if this is how you wish to be notified, I'd love it if you'd come give my blog a look :)

Anonymous said...

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