Scholars & Rogues

Finally...a thinking man's blog if I ever saw one! There is a vast ocean of journal blogs and topic blogs and blogs of every size...shape...and form, as for S&'s perspective. Brilliantly written and interesting to it's core, S&R will keep you entertained with analysis of today's news and events with a twist or turn here or there. Very well organized and nicely done, a welcome first read back from my vacation!!! Loved will too.


Bobby Griffin said...

Hi Billy Mac,

Just thought I'd stop by and update you on the voting for bestest blog of the year. We've had over 8000 votes cast by over 100 different voters in just under a week. A contest update can be found at the new and improved brand new home of Bestest Blog!!, original details can be found here. With a week to go still, that $50 prize, title, and bragging rights is still up for grabs. Also, be sure to get in the running to be blog of the day again this year by joining the Blankest Blank Blog Directory. Thanks for reading and please stop by and leave a comment at the new Bestest Blog some time!

MoneyMania said...

What about link exchange?

Here is my blog, let me know about ur decision...