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IN Danielle's email to me she stated that she didn't find her blog very interesting...That will be that last of that kind of talk because take it from a guy who has critiqued and read through over seven hundred and eighty (1 – 50 of 787 Older › Oldest » Your Posts: All, Drafts, Published )
blogs I have to say that your blog IS interesting! Your style is very down to earth and easy to read which appeals to people. When someone visits a blog they are not looking for dissertations, they are looking for entertainment or information on their level where they don't have to think a whole lot. You blog delivers. Only thing I would change, if I could be critical for a minute, is the format or the template. The bubbles are not good. Unless you love bubbles. Then keep them. I don't, but that's me. Ok. Enough about bubbles. It's making me think of Don Hoe...and his tiny bubbles, not to be confused with in Michael Buble...who has nothing to do with bubbles but with songs. I have to agree with you Danielle...he is a great singer and that song is also up there. Nice job with the blog....add a sitemeter to track how popular your blog is and keep the blog rolling!


Danielle said...

Since you say if I love the bubbles keep the bubbles, I shall keep the bubbles. :)

Thank you for your positive feedback on the content! Do you have a suggestion for a good sitemeter that is compatible with blogspot?

Billy Mac said...

Mags said...

I love Danielle's blog too! You've got it right Billy...right on!