What is Monetized Mondays all about?

I'm surprised at the lack of interest in the monetized Mondays contest. Basically the whole point behind it is to raise awareness about the advertisements and streams of revenue bloggers have on their blogs. Have you ever checked your adsense or adbrite or text link account and see a few cents were made that day? It's alittle discouraging. You no doubt allow those links to be on your blog because you want to make some money. Most of us go from blog to blog and read your posts then move on to the next one, all the time ignoring the ads that are their, or your donate button, or your web store. Let's use adsense for a minute. The advertisers who sign up with adwords want their website clicked on. Of course they don't want click fraud or the blog owner sitting there clicking on the links, but if I as a reader comes to your blog and come across an ad for blogging or finance then I click on it as a courtesy to the blogger and the advertiser. No one wins if no one clicks on that ad. The advertiser's website sits traffic-less and the bloggers gets no money. The reason I started this contest was to raise awareness of this issue and the winners I place on the top of the blog in hopes that people will visit and pay attention to their advertisers. Click on Monetized Mondays to submit to the contest.


Kara said...

I just had one question about it. Can we enter more than once? Like I already entered the first week. I'll make a post on my blog tomorrow too about the contest to try to get more people aware :)

JaneW said...


I have never ever clicked on an ad link in a blog, and make a point of not putting advertising on my blog. It's a personal dairy/blog and I think it's rude to try to 'sell' to my friends and families. I find the advertising puts me off... and spoils the look of the site.

Just my 2c (excuse the pun) :P

Billy Mac said...

Point taken...and there are alot of people out there that feel like you do. The ads that display via adsense or adbrite or the others often times advertise services and products that people are interested in. I don't see it as trying to sell to your friends...I see it as a way to offer another facet to your blog and at the same time a way to make some extra money. If a blogger is well off enough that they don't need a few extra dollars in their pocket then I would support your argument also. There are many who can use the extra cash. Everyone will have their opinion on this topic and both sides have valid arguments. I guess the real beauty of it all is we are free to ignor the ads if we want to or click on them if we want to. Thank you for stopping by :)