Throwback Thursdays

I'm going to try to keep a little series on Thursdays where I look back at some of the blogs I've critiqued from the past. This will be my 538th post since starting Critique My Blog and my first couple of re-visits will be from September of 2006. Starting with Empress Bee of the High Sea's blog Muffin53 was a past favorite of mine and she hasn't missed a beat. Her bog is just as fun and entertaining as it was in the past...only with more awards to show for it. Her side bar is a showcase for all kinds of blogging awards and recognitions. My next re-visit was to Morgan from It's A BLOG EAT BLOG WORLD...still moving full speed ahead with blog entertainment and witty posts. Still speaking in the first person is Yaxlich from the world of yaxlich with his head scratching observations and content splitting posts. Last but not least I re-visited the very first blog I ever critiqued. Alessia from Waiting....Wishing. She is still rattling on abot her life as she waits and wishes... It's great to see how all of these bloggers have evolved into some fantastic blogs with dedicated readers and "fans" that visit them and I love to see that they continue to put out quality content. They are true blogging professionals, for lack of a better word, so why not stop by and tell them Billy Mac from Critique My Blog sent you.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well billy now that was just about the very nicest thing i could have read. what a sweet post!!!

smiles, bee

Morgen said...

thanks for your visit, Billy.
Looking forward to Skittles' review tomorrow!

Skittles said...

This is a cool idea Billy!