Keeping with an earlier post theme I'll be reviewing another topic involving drug addiction and a fantastic program offered at Stone Hawk. If you are afflicted with addiction and you are looking for a drug treatment program where 3 out of 4 of the folks that go through the program leave clean and stay clean, then Stone Hawk is for you. That's a %76 + percent success rate, a success rate that exceeds the traditional 12 step programs offered out there today. So how does Stone Hawk achieve such a fantastic success rate in it's "graduates"? By a program that was developed by William Benitez called narconon. This involves a total program and the success rate of narconon is outstanding as I've stated above. Aside from the program, the facility itself is beautiful and inviting as can be seen by taking this virtual tour. There is no doubt that the combination of the caring staff at Stone Hawk and the narconon program will help you achieve the success you are looking for in the battle of drug addiction.
This post has been sponsored by the fine folks at Stone Hawk

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