Here is a blog that has some formatting issues but otherwise a well written and interesting blog. A perfect example is the post called A Day In The Life... where I found myself surprisingly interested in reading about the daily routine of this guys life. I also think you have a great way of "reviewing" products which could come in handy if you ever decide to do the PPP thing. What I would suggest is trying to re format your link area...getting rid of the Google news and the random blog button links unless they are there for a reason...and then you can edit the links so you don't have to show the full URL address in your widget box area. Also I'd add a sitemeter to see how much traffic you are getting...You have s good blog here and should be able to see how many visitors and return visitors are showing up...although I just thought about the fact that you have a My Blog Log box on your blog so that will serve as a counter...Great job and keep up the good work.

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