In the trenches of mommyhood

Mom blogs are kicking butt, something like dad blogs 3-mom blogs 3 hundred.! Well at least this one keeps the high standards that the other mom blogs have set. The material you get to write about when you have children is amazing...the old saying is true..kid's do say the darnedest things. This mom is keeping this blog as a virtual "baby book" and I think that is one of the greatest things you can use a blog for. Blogs are free and unless Google goes insane and implodes then the blogs should be around for a very long time. How better to chroniclize your children and you family's journey through life than with a blog. You can write journal entries....keep pictures...and even add videos. It doesn't hurt to be able to spin a tale or two and keep the outsiders interested...and that is just what this mommy blogger does. Well done and I think you deserve to "blog for a year". Check out her widget and vote.

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