global futures

I started trading stocks about 3 years ago when I heard of a friend who made a decent amount of money in the penny stock market. It sounded like easy money, so I set up an account and since then have actually made a decent amount of money via the penny stock-small cap market. I then broadened my horizons and stared to invest that money I made in large cap stocks and dividend paying stocks to keep the profits I made. As I became more savvy about the market and a little more confident I started to research the futures market and the forex. I wanted to add a new dimension to my portfolio and through this sponsorship have found a company that is leading the way in these markets. Global Futures is a company that handles futures, options, and the forex. You can open an account online and they can get you started with as little as 250 dollars and no minimum requirement in most cases. There is a variety of platforms to choose from and plenty of support. There is no doubt if you are looking to expand into the futures or forex that Global Futures Exchange and Trading Company is for you!

This post was sponsored by the fine folks at Global Futures
"There is risk of loss trading Futures, options and forex"

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