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Recently I've been in the market for a new cell phone. The one I have now is an old flip phone that creaks when I open it and I can't hear the other callers real good and it's chipped and the cell phone logo is faded to the point of n o return. It is just time. The one I had before that made Maxwell Smart's shoe phone from the television show "get smart" look like a compact. Admittedly I hold on to cell phone for a long time so it is why now I am looking to upgrade. Now for the real reason I hold onto phones for so long. The cost. I am cheap. At the same time I want something other than the rotary dial, dusty lime green phone that is sitting in my office to call people with, which is why I love Wirefly and their free cell phone offer. Wirefly handles all the brand name phones and carriers. It's the Internets number 1 authorized cell phone dealer. You are talking about a first class operation with a listing on the NASDAQ under the symbol INPC. This tell you right away that you are not dealing with a fly by night company or some high school kid who just set up a web store in his bedroom and selling crappy phones from his garage. This is the real deal. It's because of this huge operation that they can offer free cell phones and the other great discounted deals they have. There is no question about who to turn to for your cell phone shopping. Can the other companies offer you free Fedex shipping? Can they offer you the chance to try the phone out for 15 days and if you are not completely satisfied return it and swap to another phone or ask for a full refund and they pay that shipping too? Is this customer service or what! If you are still not sure then check out these customer reviews about the service and satisfaction they received at Wirefly. You satisfaction is guaranteed! You might not get the cool shoe phone that agent Maxwell Smart had on his television show or the cool rotary, lime green phone I have sitting in my office, but you will get the latest and greatest technology has to offer at a fantastic rate. You will get kick butt customer service and all the information you will ever need to make a decision on making a cell phone and carrier purchase. Check them out today and happy hunting!
This has been a sponsored post by the fine folks at Wirefly.

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