Cooking with Ann

Sometimes it is hard to stay on a diet when blogs like this fantastic one sneaks into my inbox. Ann is the mother of five girls and two boys. I almost would have to think that in itself makes you an expert on cooking. What I love about this blog is that it stays on track and on theme with food reviews...recipies...food talk. It's like the food network of the blog world. I love it. She's been blogging food since 2005, so it's safe to say if you are looking for that certain something to whip up for the in laws this Sunday, I'm sure you can find it here. We need to get a blog cook-off going somewhere...maybe we can host it in Vegas...Nice job Ann and keep up the good food....I mean work!

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Anne said...

Vegas could be good! If I bring the kids, though...they'll never get off the escalators :o)