blog advertising

I started with the pay per post concept about a month ago after researching it a little and googling the articles that people have written about them. I realized that is sounded like a fantastic concept for both bloggers and the sites the bloggers were promoting. It was clear to see that on of the best tools for these sites was blog advertising. After all, what better medium to advertise your product than a blog? They are updated daily, millions of people visit them, the Googles and the Yahoos of the world love them. It's basically a win win situation for everyone involved. Blog advertising is nothing new, it's been around since the blog concept began. What is unique is the pay per post way of doing things. I have to say I was a little skeptical going into things. I asked around the blogosphere and found other bloggers who loved putting these sponsored posts up on their blog and they were making some god money doing so. I decided then to give it a try. After submitting my blog to pay per post for review I sat and waited. Finally I got the email that my blog was approved and from that point on I was eligible to put pay per post advertisements on my blog! I was excited and the process began. After some trial and error I finally got the concept of blog advertising and how and what the sponsors expected of me. I started to get approvals and this last week I finally got my first couple of payments amount to about 13 dollars. I have another 150 dollars or so coming my way and I understand it is a process. So I have patience. As time goes on it will become more and more automatic and the money movement will become more steady. As for now I am thrilled at the fact that I am on my way to being able to pay my wireless Internet bill with the money I make from pay per post and anything left wife will get.

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