The Winds of Change at Critique My Blog!

As many of you might have noticed I've been playing around with the look and feel of CMB lately. I am kicking around a few ideas, some of which include posting more of a mix of critiques and blog advice and general blog information. Critique My Blog actually started this was in the beginning and I thought it would be nice to continue it. When I discovered blogging I fell in love with it, as many of you have, often describing it as addictive. I want to help bloggers realize their blogs full potential with tips on optimizing their rankings and search engine listings. I want to help with tips about different revenue streams that are available to bloggers and how to take advantage of them. I want to offer news and information about blogging in general and most of all I want to continue to critique blogs. If you have any advice or input to give please feel free to do so.

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Skittles said...

As you know, I've been away.. but I sure like the brighter look here!

I would NOT advise people to invest in Bestest blog. UGH!