What's new at Critique My Blog

Over the next few weeks I'll be experimenting with some new features and ideas here at critique my blog that will bring some different aspects to the blog. If any readers have any suggestions for the blog in terms of content or the blog over all please send my your ideas to submityourblog@gmail.com .

I've been researching the new program brought to us my some entrepreneurs called AGLOCO.
This is a fantastic way to build a community of bloggers as well as a way to make some potentially good money. It's easy to sign up and for more general information check out the info on the AGLOCO Website. I will be doing some further research about this company and be writing about it later on down the road.

The Monetized Mondays contest is still open for anyone to enter. The grand prize will be drawn on Memorial Day. Unfortunately there hasn't been too much interest in the program. I encourage people to check out the idea behind this program and sign up. Let's build awareness together. And any winners so far who have seen an increase in their blog earnings please comment.

I want to thank those who have donated via the donate button on my sidebar that I recently added. It's nice to even see a dollar or two donated. As everyone who is blogging knows it takes alot of time and energy as well as passion. We all love it and do it for free but it is just an extra blessing to get a little monetary recognition.

I am also excited about the sale of some advertising on http://www.pestcontrolinfo.blogspot.com/ which is another blog I edit. It was for 50 dollars and I thank Dormia.com for their faith in my blog.

I still haven't forgotten about the personal blog I've been saying I was going to start and as time permits I will be starting that.

I want to thank everyone who has submitted blogs for critiques and for all the return visitors and readers who join us daily at CMB. Those who submitted a few days ago and are waiting for their critique...I am working on March 15th's submissions so your critique is right around the corner. It's becasue of al of you that CMB is possible, so thank you all kindly.


Skittles said...

Keep up the great job :)

Callie Ann said...

You doing wonderful, I thank you for critiquing my blog. It was fun to see what you had to say. Thanks a lot. callieannbrat.blogspot.com it was Scrappin....for life.
Thanks again Callie