We get questions...lots of questions...

It's amazing but this blog just gained an instant fan when they submitted to CMB. I love it. Dear Useless Men is a bunch of useless men offering useless advice and answering useless questions from useless readers like us! It's a blog that is taking the Internet by storm after being started back in 2005, it has grown from just a few questions to having answered 502 useless questions!
Here are some useless examples of the questions they get:
Dear Useless Men, When getting over a cold is it ok to cough up phlegm in public and spit it out on the sidewalk?----Then stand over it and poke it with a stick and show anyone who will stop and look to see what you made.....
Dear Useless Men,As I look down in the shower I find myself pondering this thing that seems to have no real purpose. It pokes out to the right and left but doesn't really seem to do much more. It seems to be some left over from the Stone Age when cave men might have had a use for it. It bangs into things whenever I walk around 'all natural' and causes me much grief when sliding it into its proper sleeve. I often wondered what would become of me if it were to ever be cut off?My question is this: Why do we have a pinkie toe?
So hurry over to this Useless website to get the answers to these and 502 other questions that will keep you smiling all the day through!

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Enemy of the Republic said...

I love this site.